Ramaphosa responds to ‘smear campaign’



Cape Town — SOUTH Africa Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday described claims made about his personal life as an “episode (that) extends far beyond an attempt at political smear”.

“It represents an escalation of a dirty war against those who are working to restore the values, principles and integrity of the African National Congress and society,” the presidential hopeful said in response to a message doing the rounds on social media purporting to be correspondence directed to him from a Sunday newspaper.

Claims are made about Ramaphosa’s personal life and include a list of questions ostensibly sent by the newspaper asking for clarity and confirmation on certain details about his alleged extra marital affairs.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, Tyrone Seale, said there was “no doubt” that the message was circulated as part of a “deliberate campaign to smear the person of the deputy president”. — News 24