5 Tips To Finding A Budget-Friendly Web Host In Australia

Choosing a good web host for your website is a huge decision that most internet enthusiasts have to make. A good budget friendly web host can mean freedom. You won’t have to deal with downtime, slow server speed, online chats with the support team trying to solve a problem every now and then.

For you in Australia, it is possible to get a budget-friendly web host ideal for your website. Here are 5 tips to guide you:

  1.    Check The Features Offered In The Hosting

A good budget friendly host in Australia should provide all the best features within their package. Some of the features to look out for include the type of control panel that they use and how user-friendly it is. Another feature is the number of domains you can add to the web host. Check their storage and bandwidth. A good host should offer unlimited storage.

Other features to check for are the number of email addresses you can create, and whether the host supports pre-installed website scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal as well as other features like e-commerce integration or PHP.

  1.    Check On The Web Host Uptime

A good budget friendly hosting in Australia should have a high uptime figure. It can be very frustrating when your website goes down and people can’t view it. The host’s uptime shouldn’t be anything below 99%.

98% uptime may seem good, but a deeper analysis on this means that your site will typically be down for about 3 to 7 days in a year. There are uptime robots you can use to track a host’s uptime and get the right figures. The ideal uptime of a budget-friendly host should be 99.9%.

  1.    Analyze The Host’s Server Speed

How slowly or quickly your web server responds to a request is what is termed as server speed. A good budget friendly host in Australia should have a fast server speed. Every request made on your website should be processed at lightning speed.

Avoid a web host that has overloaded its servers where your website will have to compete for speed. The host should have a fast response time. There are online speed checker tools that you can use to test the host’s server speed.

  1.    Check On Their Renewal Prices And For Any Hidden Costs

Web hosts usually have an introductory price when you subscribe to their services but the renewal prices tend to be a bit higher. Ensure that the budget-friendly web host you sign up for in Australia doesn’t have crazy renewal prices that empty your wallet.

Be keen also to check for any add-on products that the host may be upselling to you. Some of these just add themselves automatically and you end up spending too much. Keep an eye out for them.

  1.    Check The Host’s Terms Of Service

Ensure that you read and understand clearly the terms of service before settling for a budget-friendly web host in Australia. While the host may make statements like “unlimited bandwidth and storage”, there may be some limitations to this as per the terms of service. The host may have rights to suspend a website if it overloads these limits.

Read clearly the terms of service and understand them well before choosing a budget-friendly host.


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