Tech Innovations Developing in Africa

Exciting Developments

If you have not been staying up-to-date with news in Africa you may be surprised to learn that what is often considered as a 3rd world country is coming out with some of the most promising and interesting tech innovations of the new age. It seems that there is some kind of intellectual renaissance going on, and no longer is it only the most industrious and richest countries that are coming out with the most impactful technological developments.

There are lots of new and interesting, exciting gadgets and ideas that are currently coming out of Africa. Even more interesting is the lack of resources have only made the innovations more resourceful, sustainable, and unique.

Ready for the Digital Age

Technology has been advancing at a breakneck pace for a long time now. In the past 20 years technology has taken leaps that many thought would take hundreds of years, or maybe even never be possible. The theme of the digital age however seems to be if you can dream it, you can do it.

Africa has proven it is ripe for the digital revolution, because it has continued to come out with intriguing innovations. Best of all, Africa is a mostly untouched landscape as far as digital assets, so the potential for growth is astronomical in this department. Africa is in need of lots of infrastructure currently to improve their medical, industrial, and agricultural industries. With aid of modern technology, Africa’s infrastructure could vastly improve, spelling a promising future for the country

Making Contributions

Africa isn’t just a prime place to implement new technology, it has also been producing some innovations as well. Here are a few of the most intriguing tech innovations coming out of Africa:

Mellowcabs – A technological marvel in sustainability, Mellowcabs are electric peddle taxis that are made entirely from recycled materials. These humble cabs are the height of sustainability and efficiency, as they feature some of the most cutting edge technology like regenerative braking, onboard tablet computers, and hydrogen fuel cells to ensure that they are always charged and ready to go.

Obami – A South African derived social learning platform, Obami has been a great tool for mass education that has been sorely lacking in less developed countries. Obami is a platform that allows students to get news from various schools and groups, keeping them connected to peers and professionals. Obami even lets students submit their work online, and through mobile phones. Obami even offers personal tutoring for students using the platform.

Charging Shoes – Smart and a great way to stay in shape, these shoes have an ultrathin crystal in the sole of the shoe, when pressure is exerted on the shoes, electricity is produced. This allows someone to charge their phone just by going on a little stroll, a great resource in a place like Africa where an electric outlet can be a luxury.

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