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The season in the English Premier League is nearing the finish line, and we can expect to see a really tense ending. The struggle is unfolding on all fronts, both for gold medals, and for securing a place in the elite division. Thanks to the EPL live scores, you can follow the events in a convenient format.

Tottenham is one of the hidden favorites of the championship. The team, which has not made transfers for more than a year, manages to find new resources within the club and perform well enough on all fronts. A big shock to the Spurs was the injury of Harry Kane, who for several years was the team’s top scorer. But Llorente and Song managed to replace him successfully.


Despite the fact that the main fight are held between Liverpool and Manchester City, Tottenham can also not be discounted. The latest EPLs live scores also show that the team is in good form and ready to fight until the last minute. Already several times the Spurs scored winning points in the final part of the match.

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You can always follow the performance of the team and its rivals on the website of sports statistics. The trumps of Pochettino’s squad include:

  1. Good teamwork. Many football players have been playing with each other for several years, so they understand their partners perfectly. This allows them to avoid mistakes on the field, which has a positive effect on the final result.
  2. Individual skills of players. Even without Kane, Tottenham found attackers who were able to replace the recognized leader. Detailed statistics of their performances can always be found at 777score.
  3. Progress of a number of athletes.

All this leads to the fact that the team is now not far behind the leading two. Of course, Tottenham’s chances of a final triumph are relatively small, but the team does its best in each match, which allows them to count on a positive outcome.

It will be extremely difficult to compete against the main giants of the English championship, but the Spurs have everything necessary for this, and they have repeatedly proved that they are able to achieve the desired result even in the shortest possible time.

Visit the site of sports statistics to always be one step ahead of your competitors and receive a whole range of necessary information, which can then be put into practice. Together with the 777 score, you will become a real expert of the Premier League, as well as other championships from around the world.