What to Expect from Bournemouth in the Second Half of the Season?

The first half of the English Premier League is already behind us. Obvious favorites and outsiders are obvious. One of the pleasant surprises is Bournemouth’s performance that is taking a line in the middle of the league table.

The team’s budget is one of the modest in the English Premier League but this isn’t an obstacle to achieving the goals set. The attacking line of the team looks very good in comparison with other mediocre teams and outsiders of the EPL. In Bournemouth, the players are driven out, which lets the team feel comfortable.

At the beginning of 2019, the club became stronger and signed two players from Liverpool, Clyne and Solanke. The latter became one of the most expensive transfers in the team’s history. In the second half of the season, Bournemouth FC must feel more confident.


The team has already gone away from the failure zone. Tap here to see the results, it’s enough to ensure that Bournemouth has everything to make progress. If the competition in the EPL wouldn’t be so harsh, it would be much easier for the club to fight for entering the Europa League.

Will the Team Make Progress in the Second Half of the Season?

In the second half of the season, Bournemouth can probably take a line in the first half of the league table. The team needs to score a few points and, what is more important, it has everything necessary to make progress. The factors that may help Bournemouth improve their status in the league table are the following:

  1. Excellent players in all the lines. This is especially visible right now, as the team has strengthened its defense and attacking line.
  2. Eddie Howe’s tactical ideas. The coach has been leading the team for several years, so he knows each player’s possibilities well. He chooses the scheme depending on the competitor, which lets Bournemouth achieve positive results.
  3. Unstable main competitors. In the current season, many teams alternate victories with true failures. In the midst of it, Bournemouth doesn’t seem to be one of the most “holistic” teams at the championship.

Of course, it’s quite difficult to predict the outcome at such a long distance but if the team maintains its momentum, it’ll finish in the top 10. To miss nothing important from the EPL and other leagues, just get to the sports statistics website.