Gwanda starts tennis revival

The Chronicle

Descent Dube, Sports Reporter
GWANDA Tennis Academy and PPC owned Colleen Bawn Private Club held a two-day coaching session on Friday and Saturday at Gwanda High School conducted by Emakhandeni Tennis Club chairman Witness Jiyane where 40 kids from two academies participated.

The event which was meant to revive tennis in Gwanda town and play a huge part in promoting sports in the country, saw pupils from St Christopher’s, Senodo Primary, Portland Primary, Gwanda Adventist and Gwanda High School participating.

“We started our tennis revival initiative on Friday at Gwanda High School and proceeded to Colleen Bawn Private Club the following day because our aim is to reach out to all corners of Gwanda community and ensure that every kid gets an opportunity to showcase his/her talent.”

“I was overwhelmed by the huge turnout and the fact that parents came to support their kids. To be honest I didn’t expect such a positive response from the parents,” said Jiyane.

Jiyane gave credit to Gwanda Tennis Academy coach Mtshutshisi Mathema who had invited him to conduct the coaching session.

“The Gwanda community is blessed to have such a dedicated and passionate tennis coach in Mtshu (Mtshutshisi Mathema) and I’m so glad that the parents who attended the session promised to support him since he is helping their children in their quest for becoming professional players,” said Jiyane.

Jiyane, on behalf of Emakhandeni Tennis Club, also donated tennis balls to Gwanda Tennis Academy.

— @DecoDecent2