The Chronicle

Andile Tshuma

The relationship with your partner could be one of the most important in your life yet it is so easy to forget how vital it is to nurture the relationship daily.

Valentine’s Day is marked as a time to love and spend time with your partner. I think it is also a time when you can perfect your health goals too.

I hope you had a love filled Valentine’s Day yesterday but it doesn’t end there as February is the month of love. 

How about marking this Valentine’s week by ensuring that your health is in check? A joint effort towards accomplishing your wellness goals.

For many couples, health goals are just about going for HIV testing together. Well, yes that is important, if not the most important step in a relationship. You need to know your partner’s status so that you can make informed decisions about your future in the relationship. However, couple health goals should not start and end with HIV testing.

How about starting a health and fitness regime together and checking out how far you have gone by the next Valentine’s Day?

I would propose that you document your fitness journey through pictures and videos. You can take photos now and again every fortnight or each month so that come Valentine’s Day 2021, you check your progress. 

Health and fitness is not often talked about when talking of relationships but looking at the increasing cases of non-communicable diseases, it becomes imperative to find ways of curbing them through creating support systems that promote healthy living. Why not start in the home. 

If you start together, rise and fall together in the fitness world, imagine how much you would achieve together. 

Our busy lives leave us little time to give one another and our health priorities but that doesn’t diminish the responsibility we have towards each other.

We need to care for our health as well as that of our loved ones. Setting health goals as a couple allows you to help each other, share a common priority and spend more time with each other in the process.

Point out unhealthy practices when you spot them. We often don’t take stock of the number of cigarettes in a day or number of pints of beers on a week or night, especially if it’s been a difficult day. It helps to have someone to take note. 

Similarly, help each other stick to a gym-routine by offering to pick up chores and errands.

You could even take a cue from celebrity couples. Well, most of it may be for the media and all, but working out together will keep you together. With the growing awareness on health and fitness, many celeb couples these days believe in hitting the gym together, giving us fitness and relationship goals.

Sticking to work out routines and gym sessions is no easy thing. Going through that journey as a couple strengthens your bond. Believe it or not, working out together provides you with huge benefits like building stronger relationships, keeping you happy, spending quality time and it also peps up your sex life. 

Health goals also do not start and end at the gym. A couple may help each other make informed food choices and help each other adopt healthy eating habits. 

You can also make it a habit to accompany each other for cancer screening and for full body checkups.

So, it would seem that if you are ready to make some changes for the good of your health, you might want to have a serious discussion with your significant other about taking it on together. Eliminating those bad habits and picking up some better ones can help you enjoy a longer and fitter life as you grow old together.

Goals make the relationship lively because you are always working towards achieving something. This hope makes partners work hard and as that is done, the relationship becomes stronger and healthier.

You need each other physically. Although the demands of your job may want to pose a big challenge to having time together with your partner, you would have to sit down with them to plan things out. Spending quality time in close intimacy with your spouse is among the relationship goals you don’t want to brush aside.

Recreation is among the things that contribute to making a relationship healthy. You can’t always be at your workplace. You’ll need some moments to unwind and relax. It should be among your relationship health goals to ascertain what would constitute your recreation.

As you conclude the love week, I hope you remember to infuse faith and religion in your couple goals. After all, a couple that prays together stays together. Make memories hitting the treadmill together, don’t be too hard on each other and keep slaying the health goals as much as you love each other. – @andile_tshuma