EDITORIAL COMMENT: Heed police advice against keeping large sums of money

The Chronicle

Zimbabwe has during the past few weeks witnessed an upsurge of armed robbery cases. The robbers are targeting individuals and businesses keeping large amounts of cash at their business premises or homes. 

The police have repeatedly warned individuals and businesses against keeping large amounts of cash at either business premises or homes as this exposes them to robbers.

The robbers in most cases have managed to get away with large amounts of cash, a confirmation that they only pounce when they are certain that their victims have the cash. 

On Sunday morning, six armed robbers raided a house in Bulawayo’s Central Business District and attacked four people before getting away with US$6 000, RTGS$1 000, five grammes of gold and three digital gold scales.

The house is used as an office by a man who buys and sells gold and the robbers obviously had information that he was keeping large amounts of money at the office. 

On the same day and again during the early hours of the morning, about 12 armed robbers raided a meat wholesale company also in the city and got away with an undisclosed amount of money after attacking two security guards.  

The company’s manager confirmed the robbery but could not say how much was stolen.

The robbers cut open the safe and took away the cash. Police at Donnington Police Station were alerted and managed to arrive at the premises while the robbers were still there. 

The officers however failed to apprehend the robbers as the robbers fired shots at them and it seems the officers were not armed hence could not exchange fire.

Several illegal money changers and business people in the city that keep large amounts of money have fallen victim to these armed robbers.

Increased cases of armed robbers targeting individuals and businesses have also been reported in Harare and other cities.  

We want at this juncture to urge members of the public and business people to take heed of the police warnings against keeping large amounts of money at either the offices or at home. 

There is also need for increased police patrols especially at night while members of the public on their part should provide the police with information because these robbers live among us. 

We can only rid our communities of this menace by joining hands with the police.