EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zimbabweans should have a shared vision

The Chronicle

President Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe is on an unstoppable economic and political trajectory that will thrust the country to prosperity. The country, he said, is like a train that has left the station and those that have taken the chance to board will likely reap huge rewards. 

Addressing thousands of mourners at the National Heroes’ Acre during the burial of national hero Brigadier-General Emilio Munemo on Saturday, President Mnangagwa said his administration will continue to deepen sound economic and political reforms to complement the ongoing engagement and re-engagement drive. 

“Zimbabwe is a train on the move. We cannot be derailed, we cannot be stopped. Let us march forward ever, backward never. Victory is certain, our prosperity is inevitable,” said Cde Mnangagwa. 

There is no reason for Zimbabweans to doubt that victory is certain given the natural resources at our disposal. All that is required is to have a shared vision as a nation and the confidence that we can do it. What is comforting is that Zimbabwe is enjoying support from its neighbours. 

Recently Zimbabwe and Botswana signed six Memoranda of Understanding spanning political, social and economic fields during the inaugural session of the Zimbabwe-Botswana Bi- National Commission. Today South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected in the country for the third session of the Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi-National Commission (BNC) that is expected to deepen bilateral relations. 

The extension of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by the United States of America should therefore not derail Zimbabwe’s thrust to turn around the economy. 

The Donald Trump administration recently announced the extension of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by another year saying the new Government’s policies continue to pose an “unusual and extraordinary” threat to US foreign policy. 

President Mnangagwa has called on the US to remove the illegal, spiteful and completely unjustified sanctions which continue to violate basic human rights. 

We have said it before that instead of mourning about sanctions; Zimbabweans should organise and work even harder to bust them. The challenge is to defeat the country’s detractors such as the US that are working against our thrust to build the Zimbabwe we want.