EDITORIAL COMMENT: US sanctions must spur Zimbabweans to work harder

The Chronicle

The United States of America which has extended sanctions on Zimbabwe by another year has confirmed that what it terms “reforms” is in fact a regime change.

The Donald Trump administration on Monday announced the extension of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by another year saying the new Government’s policies continue to pose an “unusual and extraordinary” threat to US foreign policy.

Government has described the extension of sanctions as a travesty of justice given the fact that the Second Republic has embarked on a path of rapprochement and expected a reciprocal gesture from Washington.

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Secretary, Mr Nick Mangwana said the statement that Zimbabwe poses an extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the US was absurd because Zimbabwe has no history of aggression against any nation.

He said since the advent of the New Dispensation, Zimbabwe had done its best to engage with all nations it had fallen out with in a policy of re-engagement.

President Mnangagwa’s administration has implemented a number of reforms meant to benefit the country’s citizens.

This has seen among other reforms, the expansion of the democratic space in the country as enshrined in the Constitution.

Individuals and civic groups are now openly expressing themselves although some have taken advantage of this openness to engage in violent demonstrations and propagation of hate speech especially on social media.

When Government takes action against such individuals abusing the democratic space, countries such as the US cry foul.

In January, a number of retail outlets in the different cities and towns including Harare and Bulawayo were burnt down and goods looted following violent demonstrations instigated by the opposition MDC-Alliance supported by NGOs that want to effect a regime change in the country.

Government arrested more than a 1 000 people that participated in the demonstrations and instead of condemning the arson and mass looting of goods, the country’s detractors are instead condemning the arrest of criminals.

We have said it before that Zimbabweans should guard against being distracted from focusing on turning around the economy by the country’s enemies.

The extension of sanctions by the US should instead of frustrating Zimbabweans, spur them to work even harder to bust the sanctions.