Letters to the editor: Chamisa should not be treated with kid gloves

The Chronicle

EDITOR: Nelson Chamisa is a power hungry fellow.

Remember he didn’t even wait for the repatriation of Morgan Tsvangirai’s body from South Africa, before he wrested power from Thokozani Khupe?

When Khupe tried to explain to him that she was the acting president, since the MDC constitution clearly stated that if the president is no longer able to serve, his deputy who would have been elected by congress would be the acting president.

Instead Chamisa used his weapon of choice, violence, to silence Khupe.

Now he’s at it again trying to wrest power from ED.

Once again he’s ignoring the outcome of our general election, and the ruling by the constitutional court declaring ED as the president.

He’s once again threatening to use his thugs to illegally force ED out of office by making the country ungovernable.

ED must now stop treating Chamisa with kid gloves especially now that we know the West won’t lift sanctions unless their puppet is in office.

Send him to Ingutsheni first, for psychological evaluation.


MDC-A must join call against sanctions

Editor: Zimbabweans appreciate very much the position taken by the SA progressive government to condemn sanctions against our own country.

Our own Zimbabwean opposition political parties, if they have the economic welfare of Zimbabweans at heart, must join us all in condemning the EVIL sanctions.

No politician worth his political salt should connive with external forces that are inimical to our national interest.

We condemn MDC-A for their misguided support of the economic sanctions. Amen!

-Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof).

Stop day dreaming

EDITOR: Nelson Chamisa has taken political circus in his mind to another level.

Doesn’t he see that most African leaders and regional heads are trooping to Harare in a show of support to our current Government.

Instead, Nelson Chamisa, my advice to you is start campaigning for 2023 presidential elections.

You should beat Douglas Mwonzora at congress first before you day dream about beating President Mnangagwa.