EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let’s heed ED’s call to revive economy

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe cannot be in perpetual election mode because it has to move forward. We totally agree with President Emmerson Mnangagwa that it is time to put the harmonised elections behind us and focus on nation building and reviving the economy. Addressing thousands of people who thronged the National Heroes Acre in Harare on Monday to pay tribute to the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country, Cde Mnangagwa said it is time to put election period behind us and embrace the future.

“The task facing us is a great one. Let us unite as Zimbabweans, revive our economy and build our great nation,” said Cde Mnangagwa. He said every Zimbabwean should play his or her part as the nation works towards modernising and industrialising the economy in line with the national vision to become a middle income economy by 2030.

What is in Zimbabwe’s favour is that the nation has already gathered momentum as far as implementation of game-changing projects is concerned. The country witnessed a number of groundbreaking ceremonies for mega projects weeks before the harmonised elections and work on these projects have already started. The country has entered a very exciting phase following the conclusion of the harmonised elections which have renewed confidence in Zimbabwe as a safe investment destination.

It is pleasing to note that companies such as Metallion Corporation Limited have already announced injection of millions of dollars to expand their operations. The company said recently that it is spending $530 million to modernise its four local subsidiaries.  It said the investment would result in the introduction of mechanisation and commencement of bulk mining across operations.

The modernisation and expansion of the company’s operations will see the company increasing its gold output. This is just one of the many projects set to change the country’s mining landscape and contribute significantly to turning around the economy. Just before the elections, the nation witnessed the launch of the $4,2 billion Karo Resources consolidated platinum project in Mhondoro-Mubaira which is set to create a combined 90 000 jobs.

The first 15 000 jobs will come direct from employment by Karo Resources while 75 000 will be created through secondary and tertiary industries when the project reaches its peak by 2023. The mining company is set to build a world class mining complex with a refinery for platinum beneficiation. The other big mining project commissioned just before the elections is the African Chrome Fields tech-savvy aluminothermic chrome processing plant outside Kwekwe city.

Many projects are also being implemented in other sectors of the economy and there is no doubt that the country will witness an economic turnaround soon. The challenge to Zimbabweans, as already alluded to, is to focus on growing the economy. We need as a country to have a shared vision regarding the future. It is not a secret that the country is endowed with all the required resources to turn the country into a middle income economy and all that is required is to create a conducive environment for investment.

It is the responsibility of every Zimbabwean citizen to ensure that we bequeath to future generations, a prosperous Zimbabwe. Those that have been allocated land should use it productively so that the country does not only produce adequate food for its consumption but also surplus for export.

Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket for the region and we have no excuse for failing to regain that status.

Bulawayo needs to regain its status as the country’s industrial hub given its strategic position in the region. We want to once again implore Zimbabweans to double their efforts to grow the economy taking advantage of the many windows that have been opened following the conclusion of the peaceful harmonised elections.

Cde Mnangagwa said it is our collective responsibility to grow the economy, create employment and improve the standard of living of the majority of our people.