Byo poly remains true to its mission, 91 years later

ulawayo Poly Principal Gilbert Mabasa

Bulawayo Poly Principal Gilbert Mabasa

Andile Tshuma

The institution remains a leading provider of highly empowered human capital through excellent scientific, technical, vocational education and training for sustainable socio-economic development.

In a rapidly changing world, fast becoming a global village. The college has managed to evolve, remaining relevant while maintaining its dominance and securing its place in the playing field with international technical vocational centres and other institutions.

It is notable that Bulawayo Polytechnic has evolved without losing its identity. Rather, the evolution has ensured that ‘Poly’ as it is usually made reference to is even more anchored into the world of production as the changes that have come to the institution have made it more efficient and have enabled in offering the best academic service to its student community.

“We need to realise that the dawn of the 21st century saw a shift of emphasis from access of education and training for all to education and training quality for all. Therefore, in this regard, Bulawayo Polytechnic embraced a quality oriented approach to Technical Vocational and Training by ensuring that courses are relevant to the needs and aspirations of communities,” said the Principal, Mr Gilbert  Mabasa in an interview.

“This is in tandem with the decision by my Ministry to come up with a new innovative curriculum which emphasises on practical rather than theory in training,” he said.

He said the institution remained committed in the original vision, while doing all that was necessary in modifying its curriculum in the nest interests of the student and industry.

“Bulawayo Polytechnic is committed towards the provision of qualitative, not quantitative Technological Education in Zimbabwe in order to satisfy the current and human needs of the formal and informal sector in Zimbabwe and the region. Bulawayo polytechnic strives to reach out to commerce and Industry through its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics thrust in order to tackle majority national challenges and use TVET as a vehicle for modifying current technological trends and inventing the future,” said Mr Mabasa.