EDITORIAL COMMENT: MDC-T leaders must stop hoodwinking electorate

Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance acting chairperson Advocate Nelson Chamisa told supporters in Mutare at the weekend that the US had promised to advance $15 billion to the MDC alliance government. Adv Chamisa said the controversial US president Donald Trump had promised the opposition party $15 billion in the event it wins the forthcoming elections. He said the money will be used to fund reconstruction projects as well as economic recovery programmes.

In December last year, Adv Chamisa together with People’s Democratic Party Alliance leader Mr Tendai Biti travelled to Washington where they met several officials in the US administration. The two who were heading an opposition delegation, suggested to senior Washington officials that it was not yet time to repeal the ruinous and illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Adv Chamisa who is also MDC-T co-vice president, said when they met Trump in America, he asked them how much they needed to move the country forward and they told him that they needed $15 billion. He said Trump assured them that the funds would be disbursed immediately after winning elections since his government had faith in the MDC Alliance.

The US embassy in Harare spokesperson Mr David Macguire has since shot down claims by Adv Chamisa, saying it is not Washington’s business to give money to political parties. “We do not support individuals or political parties. We do not take a position on who is going to be a political leader of a country.

The outcome of an election is up to the people of that country to decide,” he said.

It is frightening to learn that we have in our midst individuals that aspire to preside over governance who are such myopic. What is even more disturbing is that politicians such as Adv Chamisa who are thought to be among the educated in the country, entertain such a wild idea that the US government would advance $15 billion to Zimbabwe.

This claim is obviously a blatant lie and Adv Chamisa was taking his supporters for a ride by peddling this falsehoods knowing too well that this will never happen. It will be foolhardy for MDC Alliance supporters to believe this promised Trump “manna”.

No government on this globe will sacrifice its national resources to pamper a political party in a foreign land as Adv Chamisa wants MDC Alliance supporters to believe. It is an unforgivable sin for an individual to deliberately lie in order to win votes as what adv Chamisa is doing.

The truth is that the MDC-T or Alliance has nothing to sell to the electorate in order to win the forthcoming elections hence these wild Trump promise claims which have been refuted by the US. What adv Chamisa and the rest of the MDC-T leadership should know is that Zimbabweans are not that gullible to believe such falsehoods.

The MDC is obviously in a panic mode given that their “Mugabe must go mantra” cannot be used to solicit for votes this time around.

The MDC-T leadership is better advised to take seriously their leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s observation that the party’s election campaign is off the rails. Mr Tsvangirai said the party’s campaign is in disarray and staggering ahead of the forthcoming elections.

It is such issues that a committed party leadership would strive to address instead of peddling falsehoods and taking the electorate for granted. It is these clueless opposition parties that rush to claim rigging when they lose elections.

The ruling party Zanu-PF is miles ahead because of its people- centred programmes. The ruling party has realised that it is not slogans that win elections but addressing people’s bread and butter issues. The Zanu- PF led Government is not pinning hopes on some generous Government pouring in billions of dollars to revive the economy but is instead working on programmes to make Zimbabwe an investment destination of choice.

What is encouraging is that there is a positive response globally and we have no reasons to doubt that Zimbabwe is headed for good times.