Let's bar our own 'Elders' – By Luke Tamborinyoka

The starving people of Zimbabwe will remember this regime as a parasitic and kleptocratic elite that turned down global assistance at a time when the people of this country needed it most.

The wild berry-eating people of Zimbabwe will forever remember one George Charamba, Robert Mugabe’s wordsmith, who insulted the venerable Elders when he thought he was "talking tough" while every rational person was hiding their faces in shame.

The epitaph on the grave of Zanu PF will read: Here lie the hard working men and women who toiled hard to destroy their own country.

May they forever rest in peace."

Any reasonable man or woman will know that Koffi Annan, Jimmy Carter and Graca Machel pose no threat to Zimbabwe. The real Elders who are a threat to this country are the geriatrics at Munhumutapa; the old guard in Zanu PF that has run out of ideas; the old men and women who have lost the compass in the high seas of politics and are allowing the winds of fate to drift this our ship to whatever hidden water choral.

Any reasonable man or woman will know that it is not everyone who ekes a life out of patronage. We are all not perennial beneficiaries at the feeding trough of corruption and patronage. Not every one of us can commandeer maize meal from the nearest Grain Marketing Board depot to avert starvation as these Zanu PF fat cats regularly do. Not all of us are safely ensconced on the lap of patronage and can afford RBZ-funded poultry projects at our homes and in our villages, like George Charamba has done in his village in ward 4 in Buhera West. We are all not beneficiaries of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s illegal quasi-fiscal activities!

The rest of us in Zimbabwe are mere mortals who are surviving from food handouts; the rest of us stood to benefit more if the Elders had been allowed into the country to see for themselves the real magnitude of our starvation so that they could globally mobilize for more food aid.

The tragedy is that we sought to bar the wrong set of "Elders." As a nation, we correctly barred our own Elders from governing us when we loudly and clearly voted out Zanu PF and its old guard on 29 March.
Zimbabwe has since made a loud statement against its own Elders when we said No to geriatrics on that historic day in March. We barred these Elders and denied them political visas to govern our affairs!

I posit that Annan and his colleagues should have tried to force their way into the country and see for themselves our sorry and pathetic situation. After all, even after we denied them "visas", our own "Elders" gate-crashed into our lives without the necessary political visas and imposed themselves on us on June 27!

Some of us believe that we must continue to fight these Elders whose failure is evident from the visible signs of collapse around us. For some of us, it is back to the trenches to fight these Elders who illegitimately continue to govern us while firmly standing on the doorway of a negotiated political settlement, blighting our vision of national rebirth, freedom and prosperity. After all, the trenches are our home from where we have fought a peaceful, constitutional and democratic struggle against tyranny for the past ten years.

Saving Zimbabwe is our generational mandate!

If God be with us, who can be against us?

Luke Tamborinyoka is the Director of Information and Publicity in the MDC formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai. He is a former secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists and a former news editor of the banned Daily News. He can be contacted on mhoful@yahoo.co.uk.