MDC National Executive to meet to discuss outcome of SADC summit

A marathon SADC Extraordinary Summit held in Sandton, South Africa on Sunday recommended the immediate formation of an inclusive government and, controversially, the co-sharing of the disputed Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mugabe immediately embraced the outcome of the summit and announced he will form a government either this week or next week and would invite the MDC to submit names.

Tsvangirai said in a statement that SADC missed a great opportunity to bring an end to the Zimbabwean Crisis and said SADC approached the summit ‘without any concrete strategy and did not have the courage and the decency of looking Mr. Mugabe in the eyes and telling him that his position was wrong.’

The MDC leader said while his party remains committed to the power sharing agreement signed on 15th September, they will not accept any arrangement that does not allow the MDC to effectively contribute to ending the crisis in the country.

In a statement issued the day after the SADC Summit Tsvangirai said: “For the record, in today’s meeting it had been agreed that all the Zimbabwean principals would recuse themselves to allow an open and unfettered dialogue to take place amongst the SADC leaders. However, Mr Mugabe refused and the Chairman of SADC did not tell him to leave. Thus, Mr Mugabe became a judge in his own case.”

“I would like to put out that the failure to consummate and implement the Global Political Agreement means that there is no legitimacy on any government or any person purporting to be Head of State. In short, Mr Mugabe is not the President of Zimbabwe without this agreement.”

“Given this dangerous and precarious situation and the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe, we hope and pray that the guarantors of the agreement, in particular progressive members of SADC and the African Union, will now move very quickly to try and salvage this agreement.”

MDC-T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa told us that no names had been submitted to Robert Mugabe for inclusion in the government, and said the party was busy planning and preparing for this week’s meeting with the National Executive Council, to deliberate on the outcome of the SADC summit. Source: SW Radio