ZANU PF says it does not recognize Welshman Ncube


    In a seven point position paper posted on its website ZANU PF said; “SADC may be violating the GPA which it helped to bring about and should therefore guarantee in word and deed. By recognizing Ncube at the Livingstone meeting the Troika effectively compromised the Zimbabwe situation, particularly the GPA.”

    ZANU PF went on to state that it will only recognize, “R.G. Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara as the three principals to the GPA,’ adding; “We would therefore expect that SADC in its dealings with Zimbabwe work with these three and not substitute Mutambara with Welshman Ncube.”

    SW Radio Africa spoke to Nhlanhla Dube, national spokesman for the MDC led by Ncube, and he said; “Our political party does not pander to the interests, dictates and direction of ZANU PF. We are a political party that is in the GPA but not tied in terms of who leads.” He said Ncube was elected to lead their party via a congress and only another congress could remove him from that position.

    Asked why ZANU PF was siding with Mutambara, Dube said they are not surprised because ZANU PF are fond of Mutambara. “He has always acted in a way that pleases ZANU PF and Professor Welshman Ncube has not done the same. To that end we understand why they do not want to recognize Ncube.”

    Dube said Ncube has been invited to sit in all the SADC meetings so far, including the one held by the Troika in Livingstone, Zambia. “If ZANU PF are overly attached to the word Principal, they can call whoever they want a Principal. Ncube represents our party at the highest level ever,” Dube said. He said that it is in this capacity that SADC are dealing with him.

    Last month Ncube’s party wrote to South African President Jacob Zuma, complaining that Mugabe and Tsvangirai were violating the GPA by supporting Mutambara’s claim that he was still leader of the party. Prior to that Mutambara had also written his own letter to Zuma in the same month, demanding recognition until the leadership wrangle had been resolved in the courts.