Interpol clears Muponda


    The secretariat to the commission for the control of Interpol said Muponda was no longer on the wanted list and had been deleted from its database.

    “We would like to inform you that the information concerning Mr Muponda communicated by Zimbabwe has been deleted from Interpol General Secretariat file,” says the Interpol letter.

    The Interpol clearance come hard on the heels of the despecification of Muponda by the government of Zimbabwe.

    Muponda has been specified since 2004.

    Muponda and his fellow ENG director Nyasha Watyoka were arrested in 2003 after allegations ENG Capital had abused depositors funds.

    Muponda’s bank Century/CFX Bank’s assets and its MoneyGram International franchise were grabbed and incorporated into Interfin Bank. Muponda’s 309 million shares in Century Bank were irregularly converted into CFX Bank then into Interfin Banking Corporation, which is chaired by Farai Rwodzi, who co-owns the bank with Retired General Solomon Mujuru, his family and other senior politicians

    Muponda said yesterday he was glad Interpol had now cleared him and removed any information about him from their data base.

    “This clears the way for me to focus on my battle with Interfin for them to return my assets which were sold after false allegations which have now been proven wrong,” Muponda said.

    Muponda says his bank was seized on false claims that it was not on sound financial footing, even though the holding company ENG Capital group had a market capitalisation of US$75 million, making it the single biggest combined treasury in the Zimbabwe financial market, according to Muponda.

    Muponda, now based in Canada, is one of successful black tycoons forced to flee Zimbabwe in 2004 after President Mugabe launched a crackdown that saw prominent bankers such as Julius Makoni, Mthuli Ncube, James Mushore, Otto Chekeche, Francis Zimuto of NMB, and Intermarket Group founder Nicholas Vingira flee the country.