The MDC welcomes SADC summit resolutions


    Before the summit, the MDC had demanded the following; –


    •    The full adoption of the Livingstone Troika resolutions;


    •    The adoption of a roadmap to free and fair elections with clear timelines and benchmarks. The roadmap would include the crucial issue of security sector reform.


    •    The implementation of all outstanding issues within a specific time period
    It is gratifying to note that the SADC summit adopted the resolutions of the troika in Livingstone. The adoption of the facilitator’s report is particularly important for Zimbabwe as it identifies Zanu PF as the offending party in the inclusive government.

    We welcome the unequivocal adoption of the idea of a clear roadmap to free and fair elections. This involves the completion of all the steps necessary for the holding of free and fair election including the finalisation of the constitutional reform process, and the removal of all state-sponsored violence. Therefore this election should be held in accordance with the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections. We are happy that the Summit emphasized on the need of clear timelines to be added to this roadmap, which must be ready for adoption by the summit in August 2011.

    We reiterate that as the MDC, we are and have always been ready for free and fair elections. We are also thrilled and exhilarated by the order given by the Summit that all outstanding issues must be implemented by August 2011 to create an environment of peace, security and free political activity in Zimbabwe.

    Contrary to the assertions by Zanu PF, the Executive Secretary of SADC Tomaz Salomao reiterated, relying on article 2 of the founding document on defence and security that SADC has a mandate to intervene in the internal affairs of a troubled member state such as Zimbabwe.

    As such SADC resolved that the Troika of the Organ would appoint a team of officials to join the facilitation Team and work with the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) to ensure monitoring, evaluation and the full implementation of the GPA.

    As MDC, we salute President Jacob Zuma and his team for all the efforts and sacrifices they have made on Zimbabwe. The MDC thanks all the heads of states and governments in SADC for having stood by what is right in spite of the frantic efforts by some political parties to force SADC leaders to abandon the truth.

    The people’s party of excellence acknowledges and salutes the sterling efforts made by the MDC negotiating team led by President Tsvangirai for a job well done at the Summit. We are more convinced than ever that victory is certain and the end is nigh for Mugabe and Zanu PF.

    Together, united, winning – voting for real change!!