COPAC suspends operations over dual-citizenship stalemate


    Zanu PF select committee co-chairperson, Paul Mangwana, who revealed to The Zimbabwe Mail that data analysts will return to their provinces on Friday, said the MDC-T is frustrating the process by always changing goal posts in order to protect partisan selfish interests.

    “Although the MDC-T is not clear on issues that they have problems with, the party is advocating for the adoption of the dual citizenship clause with the hope that the provision will work in favour of the party during the next elections if people with dual citizenships are allowed to vote,” said Mangwana.

    He said it is disheartening that the MDC-T wants to equate popular views with minority views by pushing for a data analyses template that ignores the frequency on the issues that were raised by the people.

    Mangwana said it is surprising that the MDC-T has brought back the issue that was resolved last month.

    He however said Zanu PF would want to see views of minority ethnic tribes being captured in the country’s new constitution.

    Mangwana said the issue has been referred to the management committee comprising of negotiators who will look into the issue next week as they are attending the SADC extra-ordinary summit that will commence this weekend in South Africa.


    Efforts to get the views of the MDC-T have been not been successful.


    Data analyses to produce district and provincial reports will only be conducted after the stalemate.