All hail Brigadier Nyikayaramba: His stupid remarks come at the right time


    Those regional leaders who had been misled by the Minister of Defence himself, Emerson Mnangagwa, into believing that all systems were working well, and that there was peace and harmony, will now know that they were taken for a ride.


    Thank you Nyikayaramba. President Jacob Zuma, SADC, the African Union, the United Nations Security Council, the United States of America and other progressive nations who recently turned the heat on some of Africa’s notorious dictators now know the extent of the Zimbabwean crisis where, as you have confirmed, certain elements in the army do not respect the democratic will of the people of Zimbabwe.

    I hope the African Ambassadors based in Harare are taking note, and will inform their respective countries accordingly.  

    Robert Mugabe may remain as Zanu (PF) President for life if Nyikayaramba and others who think like him so wish. But if the people of Zimbabwe reject him as they did in 2008, this time round he must quit. If he does not, we, the people Zimbabwe will take it as our responsibility to show our displeasure as was done by our counterparts in other parts of Africa.

    Those of us based outside Zimbabwe will appeal for the same assistance as is being offered to our brothers and sisters in Libya by the international community. Dictatorship has to go once and for all.

    If Robert Mugabe is not part of the insidious plans by the military, he should fire the culprits. If the army is not getting enough money for rations and enough money for uniforms as Nyikayaramba says, the best people to explain that would be Obert Mpofu and Robert Mugabe – who have been abused proceeds from diamonds.

    Those are the people Nyakayaramba should deal with. And could he also explain the strategic benefits and importance of having a robust defence system in a country that is not at war. It is no secret that the army in Zimbabwe largely exists to intimidate people into voting for Zanu (PF), and killing those that refuse to be cowed. Shame on you Brigadier-General.

    The only positive contribution that Nyikayaramba makes in his interview is that, rather than salute a person who did not fight in the war of liberation, he will resign. But before we even get there, Mugabe MUST fire him if he wants to clean up his own image and that of his party.