MDC blasts Zanu PF activist masquerading as army chief


    In a statement issued to the media, the MDC-T said, “the remarks by Nyikayaramba once again highlight one of the fundamental problems facing Zimbabwe today: a biased, partisan Zanu PF activist masquerading as a national army chief.

    Yet his Constitutional mandate enjoins him to serve all Zimbabweans in their political diversity.

    It must be noted and accepted that Nyikayaramba is the de-facto spokesperson of the military junta whose gruesome national human rights records since independence is well known.

    Nyikayaramba declares that elections will be held this year and that the winner will only be Robert Mugabe. He further claims that if anybody other than Mugabe wins the election, the military will not salute that person, announcing that Mugabe must rule Zimbabwe for life.

    The statement is a clear admission by the junta that it has unlawfully and unconstitutionally taken over the running of affairs in Zimbabwe.

    However, while the MDC always knew that Nyikayaramba is Zanu PF, the party and the people of Zimbabwe expects him and his few colleagues in the State security sector to understand that the past was another country and real change and a new Zimbabwe is definitely coming.

    What is saddening is that our key national institutions are being dragged into the realm of Zanu PF partisan politics as the dying party seeks to destroy the professionalism and patriotism of our public officers willing to serve Zimbabwe in an honest and impartial manner.

    It further confirms our fear that without reforms of the security sector, then elections will be a farce, and a declaration of war on the citizens of Zimbabwe.

    The people of Zimbabwe want a credible, free and fair election in terms of a clear, time bound roadmap.

    The MDC salutes the thousands of army personnel and other State security officers who have struggled to remain uncontaminated by Zanu PF and decided to pursue their Constitutional mandate under extremely difficult circumstances.

    Nyikayaramba and those of his ilk represent Zimbabwe’s sad and dark past and must never be allowed to contaminate Zimbabwe’s bright future.