ZANU PF loyalists launches violence magazine


    Speaking at the launch of the Magazine called Movement for Democratic Change MDC-T and The Culture of Violence at a local hotel in Harare last night Godson Nguni said it was  high time that the world knows the truth about the MDC-T’s culture of violence.


    “Since the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe, the people of this country have never  enjoyed a good night sleep because the part is  a puppet of the Western Countries and is mainly composed of former Rhodesian forces who are perpetrating violence the same way they used to do during the smith regime” Nguni said.


    Defending ZANU PF he said his party is non-violent and far more welcoming, and that most situations were MDC-T claims  are some snakes bites or road accidents, activist who succumb to  chronic ailments such as AIDS and Cancer have found themselves in the list of victims of political violence,  just to swell MDC-T’s statics and even victims of common criminals have claimed to have been beaten by ZANU PF activist.


    He added that that the MDC-T had a fully fledged department which had a budget allocation tasked at stage managing violence for the benefit of the gullible private press and western governments. “The bulk of these reported acts of violence appear to be stage managed top serve specific political purposes with the perpetrators turning around and casting themselves as victims, in fact the alleged victims of ZANU PF violence are more often that not rented crowd” said Nguni 


    Responding to the publication of this Magazine the MDC-T National Spokesperson  Douglas Mwonzoro said that was  a desperate attempt by ZANU PF ahead of the SADC meeting on the 11th June to support  their case as victims of political violence yet they were the perpetrators.


    He urged that ZANU PF sympathisers to go and  ask the police why victims of political violence such as Tonderai Ndira  other heroes, such as Learnmore Jongwe, Mabika, Better Chokururama, Chiminya, Mtetwa, Godfrey Kauzani, Jani to mention but a few who were murdered or beaten by Zanu PF thugs yet these cases have been unresolved yet they have all the evidence.


    “The death of these comrades epitomizes the magnitude of the evil driven by power greed as ZANU Pf was confronted with the people’s verdict to surrender power to a new dispensation of an MDC government of the people by the people during the elections of March 2008” said Mwonzora.


    Mwonzora added that the perpetrators were walking scot free and some of them even getting promoted to high position in ZANU PF led institutions and nothing is being done. The Magazine according to Nguni will be translated into various languages such as French and Portuguese and distributed for free to the whole world through Zimbabwean embassy. 


    The Magazine is called Movement for Democratic Change MDC-T and Culture of Violence and has no contact details or the names of the editorial team, it carries pictures and stories published in the State controlled Media about the purported acts of violence committed by MDC-T activist dated as far back as 2000.


    Meanwhile, in A sign that political temperatures are rising rapidly, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday challenged President Robert Mugabe to come out in public and declare that he is not a murderer.


    Speaking at a party in Plumtree, to celebrate Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo’s stunning re-election in March, Tsvangirai said he was “a very clean man” who had never killed anyone in his political career – challenging Mugabe to also come out in public and say the same.

    “My hands are very clean and my conscience is clear. I did not kill anyone during Gukurahundi. I did not kill anyone during Operation Murambatsvina and I did not kill anyone during the 2008 presidential elections run-off.

    “I challenge Mugabe to come out in public and say the same,” he said to enthusiastic applause.

    During the Gukurahundi massacres in the early 1980s, which were carried out by Mugabe’s Zanu PF government, an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces – while thousands more disappeared.

    Many of the victims were buried in mass graves, others were buried alive while others were thrown into disused mines. The killing sprees were conducted by the notorious and North-Korea trained 5th Brigade.

    More than 200 MDC supporters were also killed during the bloody 2008 Presidential elections.  Much of the mayhem then was laid at the door of Zanu PF’s much feared war veterans, youth vigilantes also known as the Green Bombers and suspected serving members of the country’s security structures.

    Tsvangirai also said at yesterday’s celebration that moves by Zanu PF to force through an early election would be opposed vigorously.

    He said negotiators from the three political parties in the unity government were currently working on the election roadmap that would usher in a new democratic dispensation in the country – and which would be discussed during a Sadc extraordinary summit on the Zimbabwe crisis to be held in South Africa next month.

    “It is not about having a new constitution and holding elections this year.  It is about having a document that protects and respects the will of the people. It is better for us to take our time being thorough as we write this document,” he said.

    He went on to condemn state-sponsored violence, saying security institutions should protect the people of Zimbabwe and not abuse peace loving Zimbabweans.

    Moyo’s party was attended by hundreds of people and several senior MDC officials.  It followed his convincing thumping of Simon Khaya Moyo of Zanu PF for the crucial post in March.

    The MDC chairman beat Khaya-Moyo, chairman of Zanu PF and former Zimbabwean ambassador to South Africa, by 105 votes to 93 – in a ballot widely seen as a potent harbinger for the general elections that Mugabe desperately wants later this year.

    The tense and dramatic election began with serial political flip-flopper Jonathan Moyo being accused of trying to bribe some MDC MPs, while the eventual winner was barred from casting his vote and suffered the indignity of being ejected from Parliament before voting commenced.

    A total of 199 votes were cast during the ballot, including one spoilt paper, which came from the Zanu PF side.  The MDC had 96 MPs, the same as Zanu PF, with the smaller faction of the MDC having seven.  Ominously for Zanu PF, this meant that some MPs from Mugabe’s party voted with the two MDCs against Khaya Moyo.

    Jubilant MDC MPs broke into song and dance the moment Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma announced Moyo had been re-elected, while their  Zanu PF counterparts stood on the sidelines, embarrassed and dejected following their embarrassing defeat.

    Speaking after the momentous election, MDC secretary general, Tendai Biti said forces of good had triumphed over evil.

    “What happened today is proof of a number of undeniable and indisputable truths. The first truth is that evil will never triumph over truth. Evil will never triumph over good and today the forces of good triumphed over evil.

    “The last election was on the 29th of March 2008. We won that election decisively. The election today was an attempt by Zanu PF to reverse the gains of the 29th of March 2008. But once again the people of Zimbabwe triumphed through their delegates.

    “Our prayers and obligation go to the Almighty. We wouldn’t have gotten here without God. We are in a transition government that is shaking, but what has happened today has proved that no bullet, no durawall, no junta, no securocrat can prevent and stop an idea whose hour has come.

    “The idea of change, the idea of the MDC, the idea of Morgan Tsvangirai has come and nothing is going to stop us,” an ecstatic Biti said.

    The controversial Moyo had been instrumental in the nullification of Lovemore Moyo’s post after he successfully appealed to the Supreme Court.