Zanu (PF) position on elections: a rebuttal


    The claim that the three parties to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) have failed to work together must be laid squarely at Zanu (PF)’s door. It is that party and Robert Mugabe who have been dragging their feet (understandably) regarding the implementation of the GPA. More than 24 agreed issues remain outstanding to this very day because of their intransigence.

    This cannot be blamed on the MDC formations. Both those have done their bit in calling for restrictive measures to be relaxed, but Zanu (PF) has largely maintained the very causes of the imposition of the targeted measures, including violation of human rights and partisan application of the rule of law. Zanu (PF) cannot pick and choose from the GPA what it likes to see implemented while refusing to do the same to the rest of the document’s provisions.

    In its usual deceptive mode, Zanu (PF) claims to adhere to the tenets of the GPA, but we all know that there are numerous provisions of that agreement that Mugabe and his party have consistently refused to implement. A good example is the appointment of provincial governors from the two MDC formations.

    Zanu (PF) has also refused to disband the notorious Green Bombers who are used as its militia. It has totally refused to reform the security structures of the state as provided for in the GPA. Are these not some of the numerous tenets of the GPA that Mugabe’s party have refused to implement?

    Further, the GPA envisaged the life span of the inclusive government to be two years assuming that all the provisions of the agreement would have been implemented. Zanu (PF)’s refusal to comply with these provisions of the GPA is the reason why elections cannot be held this year.

    It is trite to say the MDC has been resorting to delaying tactics in relation to the writing of the constitution. On the contrary, Zanu (PF) has done all in its power to rig the constitution making process including by bussing people to several outreach meetings, forbidding non-party members from participating freely in the giving of their views at these meetings, among many other dirty tactics.

    The MDC had no choice but to take strong action to reduce the impact of this crude rigging of the constitution-making process. Otherwise the draft constitution was going to be an absolute shambles that all Zimbabweans would reject at the referendum.

    As was expected, Zanu (PF) is rejecting the election roadmap, arguing that the GPA is an adequate roadmap that should be followed, leading to elections. The roadmap that has been submitted to Jacob Zuma, the Sadc facilitator, was drawn up by the negotiators from all three political parties involved in the GNU.

    It is therefore ridiculous that the Mugabe party should reject that document. Perhaps this is a clear statement to both Chinamasa and Goche to resign from the team of negotiators. Their own political party no longer has any confidence in them.

    Thank God the Sadc extraordinary summit held in Windhoek last week refused to discuss the Zimbabwe issue in the absence of Jacob Zuma and the MDCs. Mugabe and Zanu (PF) thought that they had engineered a golden opportunity to outdo the MDC-T and get the Livingstone resolutions of the Sadc Troika reversed. Fortunately and wisely, the Sadc would not be fooled by the beleaguered party and its ancient leader. The roadmap to elections shall be followed whether Zanu (PF) likes it or not. Game over!