UN Securty Council needs reforms – Mnangagwa


    Speaking at the launch of the Zimbabwe chapter of the 63rd anniversary of the International Day of the UN Peacekeepers at Defence House in Harare this Thursday, Mnangagwa said the voices of people in the third world have been suppressed resulting in unilateral decisions by western nations, hence the persistent calls for the reformation of the Security Council.

    “Unilateralism of the western nations has muffled voices of third world countries and organisations such as the non-aligned movement,” said Mnangagwa.


    The issue of an election roadmap in Zimbabwe has seen a series of meetings by negotiators in the Global Political Agreement, GPA, and the SADC facilitation team is expected to summon Zimbabwe’s service chiefs to engage them on the issue of security sector reforms.


    However, this has been met with resistance from Zanu PF and security chiefs who describe the move as another attempt by the MDC-T to accelerate their illegal regime change agenda.


    In his address to the members of the defence forces gathered for the event, Mnangagwa pointed out that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF)’s conduct on all UN peacekeeping missions has been commendable and professional despite what he called “attempts by Britain and its allies to portray Zimbabwe as a nation that does not uphold the rule of law”.

    “It is gratifying to note that Zimbabwe has deployed peacekeepers in Darfur, Liberia, east Timor and Sudan. This has continued to raise the country’s flag high on the international political arena. This is despite calls by Britain and its allies seeking to portray Zimbabwe as a lawless nation,” Mnangagwa said.

    The International Day of the UN Peacekeepers is held every year on May 29.

    This years’ celebrations will be held in Bindura, Mashonaland Central and will run under the theme, ‘The Rule of Law,’ which Mnangagwa said is very relevant to Zimbabwe’s security forces as they have become major players in UN peace keeping missions.

    “The theme is much more relevant to us as our sister forces of ZRP and ZPS have become major players in the UN peacekeeping mission,” he said.

    Last year, 2 900 UN peacekeepers died in missions in different parts of the world.

    As the global body continues in its peacekeeping mandate in different parts of the world, observers say there is need to reform the UN Security Council in reality with voices from the developing countries.