Welshman Ncube faction hits back at Mudzumwe


    The Ncube faction’s spokesperson, Nhlanhla Dube came out guns blazing, describing the Mudzumwe’s endorsement of the expulsion of Professor Welshman Ncube as a non-event.

    “The move by the pro-Mutambara group should not be given any attention. Professor Mutambara was rejected by the people as the party leader, so this endorsement is a non event,” said Dube.

    Members of the Joubert Mudzumwe faction announced on Monday that their National Council, which they regard as the legitimate one has resolved to expel Professor Ncube, the organisers and all those who attended the party’s National Council meeting on February 2011 at the party’s Hillside offices in Harare.

    The endorsement of the expulsion of Ncube and organisers of the National Council meeting comes on the backdrop of a Congress held from January 8-9, which the Mudzumwe faction insists was illegitimate and violated the party’s constitution.

    As the squabbles continue to intensify within the party, analysts say it is only a matter of time before the whole MDC movement disintegrates into the political dustbin of history.