Mugabe convoy stoned in Uganda


    The protesters hurled stones at several convoys of African leaders in Uganda, who were on their way to attend the swearing in ceremony of President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala.


    Protesters were heard shouting: “Go to hell dictators!” while throwing stones at the various leaders from across Africa.


    Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan was also targeted, on Thursday, attacked after the inauguration of Yoweri Museveni who has been in power since 1986. But the president’s spokesman, Ima Niboro, said there was no attack on Jonathan.

    In his reaction, Niboro said: “We only passed by opposition elements, whose leader returned to Uganda today [yesterday], during a peaceful procession on our way to the airport.”

    But online agencies, quoting a government spokesman, reported that Ugandan police had to shoot at a crowd in the capital Kampala after it attacked a car carrying President Jonathan, who had attended President Museveni’s inauguration.

    At least one person was killed in the incident.

    “The car belonging to Goodluck Jonathan was stoned by mob,” said Fred Opolot, director of the government media centre. “The security shot around the area, and one person was shot dead.”

    Museveni was sworn in for a fourth term after 25 years in power.

    Opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, over the last month has been leading “walk to work” protests over the rising cost of food and fuel. Besigye, whom Museveni defeated in his February re-election win, said the marches were also to protest government corruption.

    Those marches have been the most serious unrest in sub-Saharan Africa since protests swept out leaders in Egypt and Tunisia. Museveni says he will not be swept from office by Egypt-style protests.

    A 21-gun salute rang out before a crowd of thousands who watched the country’s chief justice administer an oath to Museveni. Leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe attended the ceremony.

    Museveni appeared to make reference to Besigye in a speech, saying that opponents wanted to cause chaos but that their “disruptive schemes” will be defeated.