MDC Scoffs at tribalism accusation


    Responding to journalists during a press conference on Wednesday the MDC Information and Publicity Secretary, Hon. Nelson Chamisa said the allegations of tribalism were malicious and will never exist in the Party of Excellence.

    “Our party is based on capacity and inclusivity and not tribalism hence all those tribalism rumours just exist in the minds of those who manufactured them and must be dismissed at all costs,” Chamisa said.

    He said the MDC was the only party in the inclusive government that has ministers drawn from all tribes which is a clear indication of unity in the party.

    Responding to allegations that Matabeleland North provincial elections were not fairly conducted, Hon. Chamisa said it was common in politics for people to have excuses after their defeat.

    “Regarding provincial elections in Matabeleland North Senator Herbert Sinamupande from Binga was beaten in a free and fair election for the provincial chairperson position by Sengezo Tshabangu and it won’t be justified to say that people from Binga are being discriminated against since we have others like Minister Gabbuza Joel Gabuza who is from the same district holding posts in the government,” he said.

    Hon. Gabuza is the Minister of Public Works.