Chiyangwa brings back Supa's Executive, Rushwaya dumped


    The AAG saga saw the Supa Mandiwanzira led executive announcing its resignation in what the so called black empowerment group’s leadership said was a protest at founding member, Mr Phillip Chiyangwa’s violation of the constitution.

    The AAG Chief Executive Officer, Dr Davison Gomo told State media that Ms Henrietta Rushwaya who was initially caught up in the controversy is not part of their comeback plans.

    The Mandiwanzira executive also pointed out that they prefer the founding members of AAG to constitute an advisory council rather than an Elder’s Council proposed by Mr Chiyangwa.

    In response, AAG founding member Mr Phillip Chiyangwa told ZBC News that he held meetings with Mr Supa Mandiwanzira where he accepted that the executive return to work.

    Mr Chiyangwa said that after consultations with CZI President, Mr Joseph Kanyekanye there was a general feeling that the AAG members ought to work together for the sake of progress.

    The Supa Mandiwanzira led executive resigned last Monday amidst allegations that Mr Phillip Chiyangwa was usurping the constitutional provisions in the AAG.