Keeping the pressure on Mugabe


    Governments of neighbouring countries have at last begun to toughen their stance. 

    Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, who spearheads the European Parliament’s campaign for freedom and democratic change in Zimbabwe, has commented as the Parliament prepares to express its condemnation of recent events: "There has been an upsurge in violence and intimidation against those that Mugabe fears.

    This even includes arrests of MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) MPs and Ministers that are supposed to be partners in the Government of National Unity.

    “It is reassuring that the SADC Summit on 31 March has at last recognised the true nature of the situation in Zimbabwe and called for an end to political violence and for free, democratic elections that meet international standards.

    "We are calling on European governments and the EU to mobilise their political influence in Southern Africa to help bring about rapid change for the better and pave the way for properly monitored elections to be held in an atmosphere free from intimidation. Until there is evidence of real change the "restrictive measures", targeting Mugabe and his close allies, must remain in place."