MDC MP Sipepa Nkomo survives assasination attempt

The Mercedes E230 car was being driven by fellow legislator Seiso Moyo when a loud bang reverberated. The left front passenger window was smashed, while Moyo struggled to control the car. Nkomo says he urged Moyo not to stop the car and keep driving as fast as he could.

MP Nkomo, who is in charge of the Home Affairs portfolio in the MDC, stopped short of calling it an assassination attempt, telling us everything happened so fast, they had no time to be sure what was going on.

‘I can’t rule out anything. The Lord is my shepherd,’ he told us.

Nkomo was returning from an MDC National Elections Directorate meeting in Harare and was traveling in the back seat of the car with his wife. Asked if maybe the loud bang he heard was something else, Nkomo said, ‘I know the sound of gun.’ When the car arrived at the next roadblock Nkomo says he filed a report with the police.

He also made another report at Bulawayo’s central police station when they arrived home.

SOURCE: Sw Radio Africa