AAG Saga: Chiyangwa fighting for control of Diamond company


    The resignation by all the 8 members of the Affirmative Action Group’s national executive committee which has raised eyebrows on whether the so called indiginisation group should be allowed to masquerade as representing Zimbabwean black businesses.

    Information in the public domain said, the leadership of the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) disengaged with founder president, Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa over his alleged unilateral appointments of Henrietta Rushwaya and Jennifer Mhlanga as vice presidents to the national executive, butsources said there is more to the fall-out.

    The Zimbabwe Mail sought an interview with founding AAG president, Phillip Chiyangwa who referred all questions to another founder member Tendai Savanhu.

    However, Savanhu could not be drawn to comment by end of day.

    Former AAG Chief Executive Officer, Dr Davison Gomo defended the departed executive for advancing the empowerment of the majority, adding that the AAG now risks serving narrower interests after what occurred.

    Dr. Gomo however refuted knowledge of a major fall-out over the control of a diamond polishing company, amid reports that the outgoing executive were used to obtain the diamond polishing agreement. Some reports said Chiyangwa is only acting on behalf of Superior powers.

    Last year, the Affirmative Action Group struck a deal with the Zimbabwe Diamond Technology Centre to cut and polish diamonds. Under the agreement, AAG was offered 10 units from which to operate in what was then billed as part of efforts to involve indigenous entrepreneurs in the lucrative diamond sector.

    "AAG being a major player in the advancement of black economic empowerment, has specifically been invited to identify groups of people to be formed into consortiums for purposes of establishing companies that will occupy some of the units meant for cutting and polishing diamonds.

    "AAG has established a firm working relationship with ZDTC. Both parties share a common vision and belief, especially in relation to the empowerment of the indigenous people, said former AAG executive director Dr Davison Gomo before his sacking on Tuesday.

    The construction of the Diamond Park has already started and stakeholders have moved a gear up to avoid bottlenecks and hence the escalation of efforts by the controversial Harare businessman Phillip Chiyangwa to oust the people he fronted to obtain the lucrative deal.

    The 8 members, of the Affirmative Action Group’s national executive committee who resigned enmass on Tuesday over the appointment of Henrietta Rushwaya and Jennifer Mhlanga as vice presidents to the national executive, but sources said they were pushed out under threats.