Chihuri attacks SADC Troika Communiqué


    In an interview with the State media, the feisty police Commissioner, who sometimes behaves like a Zanu PF Political Commissar said he doubted on the credibility and basis for the SADC Troika Communiqué of March 31, 2011, and shot down claims by the Prime Minister, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai that police have been conducting themselves in a partisan manner.

    Meanwhile, Police have published what it called statistics it compiled in response to allegations of bias against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai saying they received a total of 682 notification for meetings from the MDC-T and approved 644 (94%) between the period 1 January to 24 March this year.

    They said, the MDC submitted 31 notices of meetings and 29 of them, which translate to 94%, were sanctioned by the police and Zanu-PF notified the police of 816 meetings with 788 of the meetings approved.

    The approval rate is 97%.

    Other parties had 38 notifications and 37 were approved, which translates to 97%.

    The police report also gives breakdowns of notifications per province that show that Manicaland, Mashonaland West, and Matabeleland North and South have the highest number of meetings by political parties.

    The police said the few cases where MDC-T meetings are not approved is attributable to the situation when the formation gives notice of meetings that run parallel to national events.

    The police cite among other notifications, the notification by the MDC-T to hold a rally at the Glamis Arena on the 27th of March, the day of the burial of the late national hero, David Karimanzira.

    The police say during such events, they are unable to provide security coverage as they will be committed to the national event.

    The statistics by the police come amid unprecedented petulance by Zanu-PF and its aging leader President Robert Mugabe that the SADC Troika endorsed what they call misleading report submitted by the MDC-T to the SADC facilitator, South African President Jacob Zuma.

    The Livingstone Troika meeting in Zambia last week drew its conclusions from the facilitation team’s report.

    However, the Zanu-PF delegation was not given a copy of the report written by President Zuma’s facilitation team, yet it was this document that was endorsed by the Troika and used to draw conclusions on the state of the inclusive government.