South Africa should stop pussyfooting around Zimbabwe and Swaziland: IFP



    It is time that President Jacob Zuma and South Africa lead SADC and the AU into three dimensional diplomatic interventions in Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

    Firstly, it remains crucial to maintain the prerogatives of President Zuma and the other African Heads of State to pursue a rigorous implementation of the global agreement in Zimbabwe until there are free and fair elections.

    Secondly, President Zuma should urgently negotiate with the Speaker of Parliament for the establishment of a multi-party Parliamentary Forum, consisting of leaders of all the Parties in Parliament, to be led by the Speaker or his designate, to engage with their counter parts in Zanu-PF and MDC on the questions of peace creation, reconciliation and cooperation involving politics and civil society. It should be noted that Members of Parliament anywhere are better placed to involve their constituencies in such processes.

    Thirdly, President Zuma should move swiftly to establish the Council of Elders, adequately experienced in matters involving the Monarchy and the aristocratic governance, in order to engage politically the Swazi King and his ruling Council on how Swaziland could peacefully move to become a constitutional monarchy and a democracy. It should be noted that Swaziland is now looking to South Africa for this assistance.