MDC denies its members assaulted journalist


    According to Reporters without Borders, Xolisani Ncube, of the Daily News, was allegedly assaulted by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC supporters and his equipment was taken while interviewing people outside the party’s headquarters in Harare.

    MDC spokesperson in Johannesburg, Sibanengi Dube, disputed the incident, including that the party said it would replace the camera.

    "We have never at any point acknowledged that the perpetrator was an MDC member. Whoever did that action is definitely not a member of the MDC. In fact, as the MDC we celebrate press freedom. We do not screen people outside the headquarters so anybody could have attacked the journalist and taken the camera," Dube said .

    But managing editor of the Daily News, John Gambanga, contradicted him, saying MDC Harare spokesman Nelson Chamisa had undertaken to replace the camera.

    "Our news editor, Stan Gama, has been assured by Nelson Chamisa, the MDC spokesman, that we will get a replacement," Gambanga stressed. – Sunday Times (SA)