Cracking Mugabe blasts SADC leaders


    Mugabe said this when he was addressing his party faithful at the 84th Ordinary Session of the Zanu PF Central Committee meeting in Harare this Friday afternoon.

    “There is a line of thinking in SADC that a body should be created to point certain things to us , but Zimbabwe will not tolerate any group to prescribe to us what to do.

    Facilitator should facilitate, he cannot prescribe to us to do A, B, C, and D. We give ourselves the A, B, C, D, in accordance with our agreement,” said Mugabe showing signs of cracking under pressure from SADC leaders.

    His remarks come amid reports that SADC is planning to set up a special group to draw a roadmap for elections in Zimbabwe.

    Zanu PF Central Committee meeting was also briefed on a number of issues relating to developments in the inclusive government and implementation of the Global Political Agreement, where the Mugabe noted that the constitution making process is moving at a slow pace but said his party should be prepared for elections before the end of the year, irrespective of the result of the constitution making process.

    Mugabe also spoke about the just ended SADC Troika Summit in Livingstone, Zambia where the MDC-T leader Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai is said to have requested that elections should not be held this year, but should be pushed to next year saying that there is violence in the country, a claim Zanu PF disputed.

    Mugabe told his party that the meeting that the SADC Troika is planning to set up a special group that will lay down the roadmap to the holding of elections in Zimbabwe, a move which Mugabe said is tantamount to interference in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe, preferring instead to let Zimbabweans themselves prescribe their own movement towards the elections.

    “We will not brook dictation from any source. We will resist interference from any source, even from our neighbours,” added Mugabe.

    Meanwhile, Mugabe has deplored the betrayal and dishonesty displayed by some 3 Zanu PF legislators who voted for the opposition in the recent elections for the Speaker in the Lower House.

    The recent election for Speaker in the House of Assembly has shown that some Zanu PF members are not being honest.

    While they were elected into the Lower House on Zanu PF ticket, they however went on to vote for the opposition candidate, Lovemore Moyo when their party had endorsed his party’s Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo.

    In his address, Mugabe said such conduct is incompatible with the principles of his party and urged legislators as leaders of the community to be upright and listen to the voice of the people.

    He said legislators should be true to themselves and stop deviating from party principles and norms.

    A few Zanu PF parliamentarians were fingered for voting for the MDC-T candidate in the first election for the Lower House Speaker in 2008.

    Zanu PF youth leaders have also expressed disappointment at the dishonesty and unprincipled behaviour displayed by legislators who voted for the opposition in the parliamentary election for Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    In the election, where 96 Zanu PF legislators attended, MDC-T chairman Lovemore Moyo was pitted against Zanu PF National Chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo.

    Zanu PF Youth Secretary for Information and Publicity, Bekezela Sibanda said it is disheartening to see some party parliamentarians selling out.

    He said such behaviour does not provide a model for the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.

    Youth League National Commissar, Mike Gave said such behaviour by parliamentarians demonstrates that they do not have the party at heart and called on the party to remove those who voted for the opposition.