MDC does not understand politics – Gumbo


    Zanu (PF) spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the MDC leader was ill-advised and displayed lack of knowledge international relations. “We are meant to present our case to the SADC Troika, but he is already going on campaigns before the troika meets.

    We wish him good luck,” said Gumbo. Tsvangirai, who met the leaders of Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia, says there was “a renewed sense of siege and culture of impunity in the country” demonstrated by a crackdown on his party and civil society.

    The inclusive government had been rendered dysfunctional by Zanu (PF) and the country was sliding back to the 2008 political violence in which hundreds of MDC supporters were killed, said the PM.

    “The issues they (MDC) are raising are trivial. Instead of talking about issues to do with national integrity and sovereignty, they are talking about human rights and democracy, things that we achieved at independence in 1980.”

    Gumbo said Tsvangirai’s meetings with regional leaders would not give the MDC any  advantage. He denied claims of a SADC bias towards Zanu (PF). “Our position is very clear.

    Internal issues must be solved by Zimbabweans.”

    He dismissed as stupid claims by the MDC that its MPs were being victimised by the police at the instigation of his party in order to gain a numerical advantage over MDC-T in Parliament. “It is these sort of things that show that these people do not understand the complexities of political struggles,” said Gumbo. – The Zimbabwean