South Africa and US ready to turn the knife on Robert Mugabe


    The US Vice President and his South African counter-part discussed common efforts to meet aggressive global goals on climate change, nuclear security and nonproliferation, and to promote regional security, including progress toward peaceful outcomes in Libya, Cote D’Ivoire, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

    Early this year, the South African Deputy President called for International monitors for Zimbabwean elections.

    "The conception is that these elections would be a watershed like the 1980 elections that happened when the old Rhodesia became Zimbabwe," Motlanthe said during question time in the National Council of Provinces.

    "There would be a need for an international presence of the same scale, to ensure a bridge with the past."

    Diplomatic sources said Zimbabwe was high on the agenda between the two Vice-Presidents amid reports that President Jacob Zuma is prepared to turn the knife on President Robert Mugabe in persuit of free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. Joes Biden is President Obama’s strongman, particulary on foreign policy.

    Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai met President Jacob Zuma in South Africa on Saturday to seek his protection against the imminent arrest by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s judicial authorities and coalition government officials from his party have been arrested and some living in hiding for fear of being arrested.

    Across the country, violence has escalated, houses burnt and looted by Zanu PF youths and the army and police used to brutalise innocent villagers.

    The Joint Operations Command (JOC) led by Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has effectively carried out a coup in Zimbabwe replacing the coalition government and has become the de facto controller of the day-to-day decision-making of government, and effectively operating as a military junta.

    MDC leader Morgan also told the The Zimbabwe Mail last week that Mugabe was no longer in control of the country as all his powers had been taken over by the military. He said it was the military which was taking the decisions to continuously arrest MDC MPs.

    In the same vein, Mugabe’s officials have also begun banning MDC rallies and political violence is reportedly increasing, especially in the rural areas of Zimbabwe.

    Last week, police officers chanting liberation war songs and Zanu PF slogans raided MDC-T headquarters at Harvest House in Harare beating up party activists.

    South African is enjoying a new found foreign policy on the back of its support for the coalition forces against Libyan leader Colonel Mammar Gaddafi.

    In a substantive and wide-ranging discussion, the Vice President Biden noted the importance of South Africa’s leadership across Africa and within the international community.

    Both leaders welcomed continued and increased cooperation through the Strategic Dialogue, established between our two nations last year, to address many pressing issues of mutual importance.

    The Vice President also lauded our bilateral partnerships in support of South Africa’s commitment to increase trade and investment, counter the scourge of HIV and AIDS, improve access to education and promote agricultural development.

    The meeting reflected the continuing strength and breadth of the bilateral relationship and both leaders agreed to continue the conversation on key issues of mutual interest.