Congratulations Mr Lovemore Moyo Thank you MDC


    It is also appropriate to extend thanks and appreciation to Professor Welshman Ncube and his colleagues who voted with MDC-T to deny Zanu-pf the prestigious post of Speaker of Parliament of Zimbabwe.

    Despite the evil machinations of the forces of darkness and their thirty pieces of silver, common sense prevailed when the MDC MPs from both Tsvangirai’s and Ncube’s camps united to deny Zanu-pf victory where it does not deserve it.

    As we also always condemn corruption it is a great pleasure to note that some of our parliamentarians are people of principle and would not succumb to temptation when they handed in the alleged money for votes.

    So where did the US$25,000 bait money for votes come from? Could this money be part of the proceeds from the Chiadzwa diamond sales? Well done Zimbabweans for exposing corruption and defeating the dark forces.

    It gives every principled person pride to learn that back home, we still have men and women of great character. I am very happy.

    Clifford Chitupa Mashiri, Political Analyst, London,