Parliament saga: I will not cry for Lovemore Moyo!


    So much for having ascended to the throne through scheming that has been deemed unholy by the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court. The judgment that annulled Moyo’s speakership status will go down as a landmark ruling in Zimbabwe and beyond.

    But having heard the merits and demerits of the process that led to Moyo’s election, I have resolved that I will not cry for the dethroned speaker.

    Here is a fellow who, through a process that was flawed right from the onset, sought to influence events that would forever have a bearing on all Zimbabwean people’s lives.

    To think of the fact that this is the same Moyo who claimed that parliament would never be a rubber stamp under his tenure certainly raises a lot of people’s ire.

    I will not cry for Moyo because he is the fellow who deliberately burnt his fingers with full knowledge. Moyo should have seen the declaration that nullified his speakership coming.

    If he is a believer and disciple of law and order as should be for any individual entrusted with such an important post as that of Speaker, Moyo should have known that the law was going to take its course someday.

    I will not cry for the ousted speaker because to me he is a reminder of an individual who had been aided by a collaborative framework of cunning men and women that sought to propel him into a post of national importance through unscrupulous means.

    Had he been allowed to stay on as speaker, Moyo would have been the biggest beneficiary of corrupt scheming that Zimbabweans are tired of.

    I will not cry for the ousted speaker because in a party overflowing with legal brains like the MDC-T, nobody in that formation foresaw the inevitable occurrence that came in the form of the Chief Justice Chidyausiku judgment.

    The learned judge was very clear in the matter, “I have come to the conclusion that the six named Members of Parliament did not vote by secret ballot and therefore their votes were irregular. The inclusion of the irregular votes in the determination of the final outcome of the election of the Speaker constitutes a failure to comply with section 39 of the Constitution, as read with Standing Order 6, providing the election of the Speaker of Parliament by secret ballot, thereby rendering it invalid.”

    I repeat – I will not shed a tear for a man who once took hold of the nation’s fourth most powerful post through such unorthodox means.

    Article was published by the ZBC a week ago ahead of today’s elections in Parliament for Speaker.