On Mugabe’s ignominious and improbable praise singers


    My curiosity continues to be  enlarged  on how a whole nation of honourable ministers, members of parliament and judges, respected lawyers and bishops, professional doctors and professors, reasonable policemen and army officers, educated writers and academics, successful businessmen including the unscrupulous, political philanderers and hangers on and others, continue to support and dispatch their energies and efforts in the entrenchment of an establishment that has demonstrated no measurable anxiety for the attainment of the hopes and aspirations of the enduring masses of Zimbabwe.

    ZANU (PF) praise singers and minions not only astound me at their audacity but also disgrace me as a Zimbabwean.

    Can’t they for a moment, understand that every dictator puts into his employ those that protect his empire and afford him unrestrained veneration? That those in his employ are mostly occupied by him neither for their competence nor for their well being and progress but rather, for him to continue to create in the eyes of the powerless masses, a perception that he is infallible, clever, powerful, godly and benevolent to those he seeks to damage. Yet we all know to the contrary, that the dictator is there to plunder and increase his coffers and injurious influence and thereby prevent any of his ministers, governors, senators or followers who may have shown any competence or interest in the throne, from even contemplating that they may one day occupy it while he breathes. That he will expunge those he sees with potential and bring closer to him those he views as weak and ambitious. That to him, all are meagre tools to be used to an end and then discarded once he has attained his vulgar objectives.

    In order to achieve this, the dictator must instil a high measure of fear in all who are part of his estate which, in his vindictive mind, includes all those who labour for his continued comforts and rule. The powerless people of his country must also fear him and this he achieves by example of intimidation, incarcerations and at times casualty. The latter victims, counting all who threaten his rule and those that may detest him.

    A wise dictator would rather have under his employ, those that demonstrate furious zeal and credulity, because such zealots prove the most obsequious and subservient to the will of the passions of their master. Such citizens having all employments at their disposal preserve themselves through bribery, lies, flattery, and deceit and they secure themselves from after-reckonings through some indemnities afforded to them by the dictator and hope to retire from public life laden with the ill gotten spoils of the nation. (Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s travels)

    To preserve his power over his minions, the dictator must employ despicable means to keep them under his control and hypnosis. These means include informers, secrets, lies, threats, half truths, violence, false praise and the use of the empire’s wealth which he takes for his disposal to reward, punish and provide material comforts and temporary contentment for those he favours and qualms alike. He must captivate their intellect, creativity and brawn so that it is put to use only for his gratification and the attainment of his selfish objectives.

    In turn, in order to preserve their modest honour, benefits, comforts and station in life afforded them by the charity of the dictator, the minions must connive against each other, backstab, lie, cheat and continually seek the dictator’s attention and mediation to solve their petty jealousies and quarrels. In that way, the dictator is able to divide and rule them and thereby attain their undivided loyalties and veneration. The minions in turn, truly suppose that they are honouring him and representing their loyalty to his cause and continued rule.

    I feel pity for these men and women for they have become comical if not puppets. They have lost their inimitable character, their potential and talents to meaningfully contribute and be of service to our country. They have failed to live a purposeful life where they can fully express their ambition and hopes without fear that the dictator may find them disagreeable and therefore worthy of a purge.

    As a result these praise singers, full professors and old hags alike, begin to believe that the dictator is indispensible. They can no longer imagine their existence without him and truly believe him to be a god. A god who is not to be criticised or questioned on his thoughts and actions. A god, who must be afforded utmost dread and reverence by his subjects, not looked at in the eye nor rubbished even in their private thoughts. A little god, whom they must continually eulogise and defend in their public discourse and try to encourage us on his invincibility.

    Because of this, we now have a situation in Zimbabwe where, we can no longer rely on the rationality of those ignominious praise singers around Mugabe. Nor can we expect these men and women to lead a nation such as ours into a new age of freedom and justice. For their whole intellect and creativity has been fouled by greed and the pursuit of selfish ambition. Their integrity if any, has diminished through their treachery and pursuit of material enrichment. They have become dangerous buffoons, not to be trusted, respected or afforded any measure of nobility.

    The time must therefore come where we expose and banish these men and women to the dustbin of history where they belong. When, as Zimbabweans, we reject servitude to the insincere and unjust and prevent any further mortification of all those who seek change for the common good.

    My only wish is that, these men and women that I have enumerated on, would sooner rather than later, realise that it has never been about them but rather about fulfilling a role in feeding the narcissistic and cruel appetites of a lone man who has become that which he fears most- a dictator, a tyrant a despot.

    I sincerely believe and hope that these truths shall force themselves into all judicious minds and accelerate the ruin and vanishing of such men and women of little valour.

    *Vince Musewe is a Zimbabwean economist based in South Africa. This article was first published at Moneyweb. You may contact Vince on vtmusewe@gmail.com