Disputed Governor Karimanzira laid to rest at Zanu PF Warren Park Hill cemetery

HARARE – The late disputed Governor and Resident Minister of the Harare Metropolitan Province, David Karimanzira, has been laid to rest at the Zanu PF Warren Park Hill top cemetery in Harare.

Speaking at the burial ceremony, Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe and War Veterans Patron, Zanu PF First Secretary and President, the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said David Karimanzira died in pursuit of the objective of a Zimbabwe seeking to transform itself to yield better results.

He said Karimanzira aspired to greater learning all the time to create power to plan and devise ways of defeating imperialism.

Mugabe said Karimanzira said was a son of the soil, who was prepared to sacrifice his life in defence of the country.

"Karimanzira was in it, in the middle of it [liberation struggle]. He succeeded in the first journey of bringing independence to this country. And he died in pursuit of the objectives of an independent Zimbabwe, seeking to transform himself to yield greater benefits to his people," Mugabe said.

He also highlited that the National Heroes Acre is a place to preserve of those who sacrificed their lives to liberate Zimbabwe.

True to his paranoid character, Robert Mugabe warned that the enemy is still finding ways to destabilise the land reform programme through using some unpatriotic Zimbabweans.

He said the time has now come for Zimbabweans to take charge of their resources and must be major shareholders in any partnership agreement with foreign companies wishing to invest in the country.

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"We have come, Lonrho, if you are still there Anglo-American, Rio Tinto, you must transform and become Zimbabwean, we want black people, young people to be empowered," he said.

President Mugabe said Karimanzira was fighting hard to reverse the British mentality that they are the most superior race as the education system in the country worked towards achieving that notion, a notion he fought to dismantle.

"Look at what they [Western imperialists] are doing in North Africa; look at what they are doing to Gaddafi now….At school, we used to sing; ‘rule Britania rule, rule Britania rule the world, Britania will never be slaves,’ If it means that they will never be slaves, it means they will always be masters and we are their slaves, that is what we, together with the likes of Karimanzira are fighting against," Mugabe added.

He appealed to Zimbabweans with technical skills elsewhere to come and help lead in industrial production.

Mugabe said the late Karimanzira helped a lot in crafting ways of defeating imperialism as he assisted the liberation forces by providing clothing and other material support.