Mugabe nolonger in charge, Tsvangirai confirms Zimbabwe coup


    Tsvangirai said many of the issues he agrees with the Zanu PF leader in their weekly meetings are often later reversed, ostensibly by security chiefs.

    Alternatively, Tsvangirai said in an exclusive interview with the Daily News this week, Mugabe was “playing games” with the MDC leader – if Zimbabwe’s octogenarian leader was not being held captive by security chiefs.

    “In our bilateral meetings, I have discussed the issue of violence and implored Mugabe to deal with elements in the security organs. “His response has always been that we don’t condone violence. If he doesn’t follow up, it’s either he is in charge or not in charge. That leaves me with a question: Is he part of a conspiracy to undermine the government or his people are defying his instructions?” said Tsvangirai.

    “To be truthful, what is now evident is that some of these actions are a fait accompli from a third force within the government, which acts with impunity. You wonder if there is still control by a civilian authority in government.”

    Tsvangirai said there was a group of senior Zanu PF officials who had seemingly taken over the “full-time” role of undermining his efforts and working relationship with Mugabe.

    “There is a coterie in Zanu PF which includes senior people in the police, the military, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), (and includes) Emmerson Mnangagwa and Jonathan Moyo.

    “As PM I am accountable for the supervision of all ministers, but there are some who do not report to me but go directly to Mugabe and these include Mnangagwa and State Security Minister Sydney Sekeramayi,” Tsvangirai said.

    He accused the CIO bosses of shielding one of their operatives, Joseph Mwale, from prosecution – 11 years after the High Court ordered his arrest for the gruesome murder of Tsvangirai’s bodyguards.

    Former High Court Judge James Devitte ordered Mwale in 2000 to be arrested and charged with the gruesome and broad daylight murder of Tichaona Chiminya and Talent Mabika at Murambinda Growth Point, during a campaign for Tsvangirai.

    Devitte emotionally told the court that the brutal killings “were a wicked act” and nullified the results of the Buhera North constituency which had been contentiously won by Zanu PF’s Kenneth Manyonda who narrowly beat Tsvangirai.

    Mwale and his accomplice, Kainos “Kitsiyatota” Zimunya, are still enjoying their freedom.

    “What we are aware of is that he (Mwale) is under the protection of the state. It is his bosses at the CIO who are supposed to produce the man. We are waiting. So far there is a conspiracy of silence about this man,” Tsvangirai said.

    He said since becoming the PM, he did not take up the issue with Mugabe because “I thought the warrants and orders around his arrest were sufficient”.

    It was critical that the State adequately dealt with murders and violence, including the Gukurahundi atrocities, said Tsvangirai. While he said cabinet was trying to deal with the issue of violence, national healing and GPA problems, he slammed recent exhumations of bodies by suspected Zanu PF, which he said were illegal.

    “It’s illegal to exhume bodies. Police must investigate missing people and exhume them after carrying forensic assessments. The MDC has its members missing and how do we know if those that are being exhumed are not our members? Forensic assessments should be done to verify the state of the bodies not what we are witnessing,” Tsvangirai warned.

    Zanu PF has come under serious attacks from civic and rights groups over its conduct around the political exhumations of people it claimed were buried in mass graves by Rhodesian forces.

    The exhumations have sparked a welter of emotions, in particular from relatives of the Gukurahundi operation, which led to the killings of more than 20 000 civilians in Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands during a crackdown against supposed bandits by security forces.

    A North Korean- trained Fifth Brigade ran the operation in what became to be understood as one of the darkest periods of post-independence Zimbabwe.

    Relatives of the people slain during Gukurahundi have demanded that the exhumations be extended to Matabeleland and the Midlands if Zanu PF is serious about its ‘discoveries”. Mugabe losing grip. – Daily News