Statement by Geoffrey Nyarota


    My photograph appeared on Page 17 of the re-launch issue on Friday, March 18, directly under the headline, "We are back". The caption merely stated my name, without explaining that I am, in fact, not in any way associated with ANZ.

    An impression was thus created that I was involved in the re-launch of the paper. As a result, I have received since last Friday numerous congratulatory messages. I also received the pledge of an advertising booking as well as two inquiries about prospects of employment with.

    I am now taking the unusual step of submitting this statement to newspapers other than The Daily News because management at ANZ stated in writing on Tuesday that they are not willing to rectify the wrong impression created in their publication. I am most anxious that The Daily News does not derive any benefit, however minimal, from associating its launch with the name of a founding Editor who saw its circulation rise from zero to 129 500 in just 15 months.

    I do not deny that I am the founding Editor of The Daily News, as stated somewhere deep in the lengthy article about "our coming back". But the appearance of my image at the top of Page 17 of the paper under this particular headline, especially in the total absence of an official announcement in that issue that Mr John Gambanga is, in fact, now at the helm of the newspaper, has led many readers to assume that I am still the editor. ANZ management will probably argue that I was no longer the Editor when the Daily News was banned. But stories did appear in the press in 2010 to the effect that I had returned to Zimbabwe from the United States of America at the behest and expense of ANZ to oversee the relaunch of their flagship.

    It is, therefore, in the public interest, as well as in the mutual interest of both ANZ and myself, that the misleading impression created last week is clarified.

    Geoffrey Nyarota

    Founding Editor-in-Chief, The Daily News