An invitation to the PM the Right Honourable Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

INVITATION: The following is an invitation to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by The Zimbabwe Mail's United Kingdom based political commentator and columnist Clifford Chitupa Mashiri.

The Right Honourable Mr Morgan Tsvangirai

The Office of the Prime Minister

Private Bag 7700





Dear Sir,

I have taken this extraordinary way of communicating my wishes to your distinguished office not out of disrespect of protocol but in recognition of the sensitivity of all contacts with Zimbabwean authorities especially at this moment by someone resident in the United Kingdom. I would not be the first person to use the words, ‘extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures’ but add that, as long as they are legitimate means to lawful ends, there is no harm in trying.

Accordingly, I am taking the initiative to express my personal wish that you as our Prime Minister and MDC President pay a visit to the UK so that I and hopefully other interested Zimbabweans can have a decent conversation with you on how to resolve the current crisis in our country. In my view, the situation in Zimbabwe is not getting any better politically as demonstrated by the selective application of the rule of law, political violence and the denial of civil liberties to hold prayer and peace rallies as well as demonstrations in a safe and secure environment ahead of possible elections this year. I am also concerned about the plight of Zimbabwean exiles who are risking deportation.

Your recent efforts to engage the SADC leaders on the situation in Zimbabwe are greatly appreciated. However, we would be deceiving ourselves by placing all our eggs in one basket. Therefore, it is my hope and wish that we as voters subject to confirmation, need to make an input into your options for solving the Zimbabwean crisis. Again to avoid any possible misrepresentations, the option we seek to discuss with you is seeking help from the office of the United Nations Secretary General to compliment what has been achieved so far by the SADC and the AU and help map-out a realistic roadmap for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

As I am of limited means, I do not want to pretend that I can arrange tickets and accommodation but only trust that you can include the UK in your next official overseas travel.

Yours sincerely,

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri, Political Analyst, London