MDC activists flee Epworth as militia go on rampage

Some MDC activists have gone underground while others have sought refuge in other areas of the capital. A source told us the ‘Green Bombers’ started their offensive in Epworth on Wednesday and have been carrying out night time searches for the ‘enemies’ (MDC supporters).

MDC Senator Morgan Femai said the ZANU PF militia have been beating MDC supporters for what they say is revenge, alleging that Tsvangirai is refusing to join a power-sharing government with Mugabe.

‘We have always known ZANU PF to negotiate in bad faith, but it shocks us to learn they are beating up our supporters to try and force Tsvangirai to join the inclusive government,’ Femai said.

Femai confirmed that former Mines Minister Amos Midzi, the losing ZANU PF candidate for Epworth in the March 29 election, instigated the violence as he was in the area a few hours before the attacks.

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC spokesman said the Zanu PF youth militia set up two torture bases in the area, one located in Ward 4 at Rueben Shopping Centre and the other at Maulani. The MDC has managed to identify the ring leaders as Zanu PF youth chairman for Epworth, known as Zimbwe. Others have been identified as Garakara, Chikandiwa and Makangira.

‘The behaviour of these Zanu PF thugs is a violation of the Global Political Agreement, which recognises the basic freedoms of people such as association, assembly, speech and movement. The latest violence and thuggery once again exposes Zanu PF’s sincerity deficit in this political deal,’ the MDC said in a statement.

The statement added; ‘The people of Zimbabwe know what they want. They want freedom, prosperity and development. No amount of violence will stand between the people and their vision’.