Mutambara plots a longterm strategy


    In an interview with The Zimbabwean soon after telling journalists that the party’s president Arthur Mutambara is at the moment concerned with keeping the faction afloat, the party spokesperson, Maxwell Zimuto, said that the country would do better with several political parties.

    "We have to be practical and see the possible. We are aware of our limits, but we will contest elections and we know that," he said. There has been mounting speculation on the next course of action that the robotics professor Mutamabara will take in light of the impasse between him and his former secretary general Welshman Ncube who is now the president of the MDC-N formation.

    Many have been speculating that Mutambara will join Zanu (PF). "Some of Mutambara members have already joined Zanu (PF) and as the MDC we say that it is clear where Mutambara belongs," Kurauone Chihwayi, the spokesperson of Ncube’s MDC said. However, Zimuto said joining Zanu (PF) "will be defeating the whole purpose of the MDC" which he said is to deliver democracy to the people of Zimbabwe.

    While observers have called for the unification of all the MDC, there are currently four formations including the larger MDC led by founding President Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-99 that is led by Job Sikhala who is also a founding member of the original united MDC.