Bring On The Zanu (PF)/MDC Divorce


    The advice drew a lot of laughter from the giggly crowd, but the serious message from the Priest was clearly that if they invited the people to the divorce, some among them might counsel them back into the marriage, or if they decided to carry on they might advise on what is best in terms of the welfare of the children, their own welfare, division of property and the like. It was sound advice.

    Witnesses to the marriage, now invited to the divorce

    In the case of Zanu (PF) and the MDC’s forced marriage, there were many important guests, many of them not just passive guests, but regional Heads of States who were involved in forcing this marriage to take place, after having failed or refused to force Mugabe to go for another election.

    When they did not accept Mugabe’s legitimacy as President, despite him having been sworn in by Chief Justice Chidyausiku, logic would have dictated that they would order another election and put in place the relevant monitors to ensure that there is no cheating and no violence.

    This would also have sent message to Chidyausiku that he is supposed to be a Judge, not a tea-boy for the President.

    In their wisdom, however, the AU Heads decided to force the two parties into a Government of National Unity; to negotiate until they agreed the terms of the marriage.

    They even provided us with President Thabo Mbeki as a facilitator who presumably kept them informed about the negotiations, and went to-and-from Pretoria and Harare for a year, at great expense to his country and his own political career, until the agreement was reached and all the Heads were invited to the ceremony.

    It did not take long for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his party to find out that their partner was a dishonest one, from making senior appointments without consultation to refusing to allow a free media to level the playing field for elections, and a long catalogue of other violations, including political violence.

    Then followed the unilateral appointment of 10 provincial Governors, whose initial terms were disputed under the agreement, but whose second terms were and are definitely illegal.

    This sparked another furore and a strike by MDC Senators, only for them to be whipped into line as necessary legislation needed to be passed for the benefit of the country or the children and family’s welfare (in the civil marriage scenario).

    Tsvangirai even went to the Supreme Court hoping to force his partner in the agreement to adhere to its terms, only to find that he could not, because of some undemocratic provisions in the Constitution which say that President Robert Mugabe cannot be sued.

    Taking the case to the regional courts would probably mean nothing since Mugabe had already shown that he could ignore SADC Tribunal judgements and get away with it.

    Letters asking the United Nations, European Union and four nations not to recognise six ambassadors whom Mugabe had appointed without consulting Tsvangirai proved to be of no use.

    This had led to what has been described as the battered-wife syndrome, where everybody can see the scars on her face, but the wife finds every excuse to cover up for her abusive husband and even praises him – all for the sake of the kids and enjoying the dignity of the marriage institution.

    Then came the Speaker of the House of Assembly debacle, where a case that no lawyer worth his salt would have bet a penny on its success, suddenly became so important that the Chief Justice that he was willing to to drag his ermine robes through the mud for its success.

    The Supreme Court, the people who are paid to administer justice on behalf of the people, were now using their offices to subvert the will of the people, a clear declaration that they are also in the abusive camp.

    It is no secret that Zimbabwean judiciary is heavily compromised, some of its members drawn from Zanu (PF), others have been offered, and are salivating at, all kinds of non wage compensations (perks) like illegally seized land, electronics such as large screen TVs, cars and other consumer goods in a clear violation of the ethical codes for the judiciary.

    In trading their souls to the Devil, they have been given an impossible task of finding “guilty” all cases against MDC. But most of the cases brought by the State are so ridiculously infantile (mahumbwe) that they have collapsed even before the judges’ eyes, so much that the judges sometimes fear they would be a laughing stock if they comply with the ZANU directive by rendering a guilty verdict.

    In some cases, like the Speaker’s case, the judges have received a directive from ZANU that, notwithstanding the merits of the case, a guilty verdict must be rendered, according to some analysts.

    Realising that this man who claims to be the head of the household, not only does not have the interest of the household at heart, but that he is so powerful that he can buy the Judges to his side, has now left Tsvangirai and the MDC scrambling for the divorce lawyers’ phone number.

    It is not that Tsvangirai did not know Robert Mugabe and his evil ways, or that he was naive when he was praising Mugabe as reported on yesterday , but (back to the battered wife) if you are trying to run a household, and you have all the uncles and aunts who are urging you to stay in the marriage, you don’t then go and start telling the outsiders about how abusive your husband is.

    This is how Tsvangirai extended himself on calling for removal of sanctions, and talked about what a great statesman Mugabe is. It was all in the hope that Mugabe could see the possibility of saving his legacy, now torn to shreds by the self-interested hangers on whom Mugabe groomed while he was trying to consolidate power.

    There was nothing “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” about Tsvangirai’s appraisal of Mugabe, nor was there a need for for David Cameron to be “lost for words”. In fact the article by FT columnist Alec Russell said nothing new; certainly not worth the front page of a serious Zimbabwean newspaper .

    What Cameron should be worried about is that now Mugabe has totally lost control of his cronies; they do not care that Zimbabweans’ standards of living are actually going down, or are going up in such a way that it will take them another 20 years just to get to their 1980 level.

    They do not care that the country is still forced to use foreign currency because they cannot stabilise the macro-economy because of their own greed; nor do they care whether children are going to school, as long as theirs are in overseas schools, paid for with stolen diamonds. And they have very big guns.

    This is good grounds for divorce with the MDC and it is irresponsible for Zanu (PF) spokesman Rugare Gumbo to say that Tsvangirai can go ahead and walk out out. It is even more irresponsible for Jonathan Moyo to make sexual innuendos about matters as serious as the ruination of our country by Zanu (PF).

    If they are benefiting from the corrupt exploitation of diamonds, or simply creaming off what they can from the farms that they confiscated, they should not fool themselves into believing that the rest of Zimbabweans are happy with the situation.

    Those Heads of States who forced this marriage know what was in the agreement; they approved it; and said, if you fail to get along, come back to us. It about time they came back to Harare and supervised the divorce before things get out of hand. In fact things are already getting out of hand while they are procrastinating.

    This reminds us that they let Ivory Coast go up in flames only a few weeks ago, and the flames are still rising; they have said, let Gaddafi go ahead and bomb his people to smithereens because they should not rebel against dictatorship.

    Will they now say, let Zimbabwe burn?  – Changezimbabwe