Zanu PF in 'Panic Mode' Over MDC Restructuring


    Morgan Komichi, the MDC-T deputy organising secretary, told SW Radio Africa that the former ruling party’s response to this was to ban all political gatherings. Analysts say it was an attempt by ZANU PF to protect Robert Mugabe from any possible North African style anti-government revolts.

    people would revolt against the government like what happened in Egypt or Tunisia.

    ‘They are using this as an excuse because they’ve been stunned at the level of inroads made by the MDC in the three Mashonaland provinces and others around the country,’ Komichi said.

    The ban extended to meetings held in offices and homes.

    ‘If citizens of a country are serious about revolting against their government, do they do it inside their offices or homes? Unless if our eyes deceived us, I thought what we saw in North Africa were people out in the streets protesting and not doing it from their homes or offices.

    The deputy organising secretary said the ban had stopped some districts from completing their restructuring exercises ahead of their party congress in May.

    ‘The ban had a negative effect on some of our activities in some districts but I’m happy to say, there was determination from all our officials and activists that the illegal ban would not deter the party from forging ahead with its resolve to restructure the party from ward to provincial level,’

    It was reported that on Monday Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Mugabe discussed the issue and agreed to have the ban on MDC-T rallies lifted. Luke Tamborinyoka, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, confirmed that the two leaders met and had agreed that all meetings should be allowed to go ahead without police blocking them.

    ‘We’ve been told Mugabe has agreed to lift the ban but we will only know this week when most districts meet to finish the job. If they are not stopped, then we know for sure the ban is lifted because with ZANU PF they always indicate to turn right but go left instead,’ Komichi said.