Ten good reasons why sanctions must stay


    The restrictions are personalized and targeted, they are not on Zimbabwe!

    The restrictions are working hence the anti sanctions campaign by those affected.

    Though not enough and a little too late in implementation, the restrictions are a justified response by the international community to the indifference and cruelty displayed by the individuals at the expense of fellow and helpless Zimbabweans. (99% being black African Zimbabweans!)These individuals acted with the support and where able to sponsor and carry out their acts of terror with the full support and backing of the entities also placed on this restrictions list.

    3 to 4 million Zimbabweans (99% being black African Zimbabweans!) were forced out of Zimbabwe before these restrictions came into force, Thousands died from wanton politically motivated murders, thousands were tortured, hundreds of thousands have since died from avoidable illnesses due to simple neglect and mismanagement of resources, hundreds were murdered in election violence sponsored by the same individuals and millions have been thrown into abject poverty by the greedy drive of these same people on the restrictions list. Not once did the President of Zimbabwe empathize with those suffering or even give a single speech in support of those afflicted by disease or the victims of his clean up, the "murambatsvina" victims. Instead Mugabe chose to dismiss the "gukurahundi" massacres as a moment of madness! He then went on the air waves and told the world there was never a cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe, smirked and laughed food donors off whilst prisoners, villagers and poor Zimbabweans survived on roots and berries! Again (99% being black African Zimbabweans!)Adding insult to, while boasting about his degrees in violence injury, President Mugabe told victims of "murambatsvina" that, "fire burns, you know!"

    Helpless sons and daughters, mothers, fathers and grand parents of sovereign Zimbabwe (99% being black African Zimbabweans!) have been reduced to refugees in every Country around the globe by the uncaring and unresponsive attitudes of the individuals on this list. They are greedy and have effectively hijacked the Zimbabwean revolution for their own selfish and personal benefit. Just like most of the individuals on this list were in the Diaspora themselves calling for sanction against Smith’s UDI, We now also call for the restrictions to be placed on them for their non democratic practices.

    Therefore the travel and financial restrictions serve to protect human rights and dignity of the poor and helpless Zimbabweans by physically disabling the actions of those responsible for the terrible miscarriage of democracy and they also serve as a psychological reminder that there are others in the world who will not stand by idly and watch other helpless people getting brutalized in any fashion.

    These travel restrictions are morally and ethically necessary. Human rights violations with Impunity are a thing of the past for any dictatorship. The wired world is watching and globally responds appropriately.

    These restrictions are serving as a safeguard of the promises made by those responsible to reform and embrace democratic principles of governance in act and deed. There will be nothing to encourage those responsible to change without these incentives.

    These sanctions were imposed because of the seriousness of the non democratic practices of those on the list. It is therefore unreasonable to now attempt to make the removal of the restrictions a condition of return to democratic processes.

    As Zimbabweans, we must see and feel the change before any changes are made to this list.This therefore means it is Zimbabweans (99% being black African Zimbabweans!) who want these restrictions to stay in place in order to curb the excesses of those whose actions, policies and supporters undermine democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe.

    Targeted Sanctions WORK


    This page is sponsored by Andrew Mudzingwa, a concerned Zimbabwean human rights activist.